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Father's Day Gift Wrapping with Feathers

Father's Day gift: wrapped wine bottle with feather gift topper | Sometimes a gig comes along that you enjoy so much, you spend maybe a little longer working on it than what you're getting paid for.

You can see the results of just such a job in the Early Summer 2015 issue of Food & Drink. In it, I styled four bottles of various wines and spirits for a story about gift giving for the special occasions of the season — Mother's Day, Victoria Day, Father's Day and a wedding. Three of the four bottles (actually, I wrapped eight for the shoot) made it to the final shot, including the bottle above.

This is how I wrapped a bottle of wine for Father's Day: Wrinkled and weathered kraft paper, folded and twisted around the shape of the bottle. A gift tag hung loosely over the neck. Flat leather cord wound and tied casually, with ends left long. To top it off, I made a dashing (if I say so myself) feather gift topper. I combined natural and vibrantly-dyed feathers together, binding their tips with a shock of green tissue.

Perfect for Dad, no?

Wedding Shower Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper-Curl Pom-Pom Gift Topper


Wedding Shower Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper-Curl Pom-Pom Gift Topper | With so many gifts showered upon them, brides and grooms can be forgiven for forgetting who gave them what for their shower and wedding. Even so, you can’t help but hope that yours will be one of the ones they remember. My trick (besides getting the couple a super-awesome present, of course): gift wrap it fabulously!

For example, this joyful DIY paper-curl pom-pom topper will be sure to make your gift stand out among a pile of presents. Here I went with a sunny palette of yellows and ivory, but you could use any palette you choose — like say, the wedding colours, perhaps.

If the soon-to-be-married-duo don’t remember what you got them, at least they’ll remember the wrapping!


ScotchSPONSORED CONTENT This post is brought to you by 3M Scotch® Brand. Visit the Scotch® Brand Style Blog for more information and great DIY inspiration!



SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME NEEDED: Approximately 15–30 minutes

Wedding Shower Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper-Curl Pom-Pom Gift Topper | materials and tools |


+ Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors

+ Scotch® GiftWrap Tape


+ Pebble Embossed Metallic Paper in White Quartz from Paper Mojo

+ Paper/cardstock in four colours (butter yellow cardstock, personal stock; textured pearlized paper, personal stock; Lemon yellow linen vellum from The Japanese Paper Place; cardstock in Quartz from The Paper Place)

+ Ribbon

+ Gift Card

+ Craft knife

+ Ruler

+ Cutting mat

+ Pencil or pen

Wedding Shower Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper-Curl Pom-Pom Gift Topper | step 1: wrap your box |

1. Wrap your box. Using Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, cut your wrapping paper to size. Wrap the paper around your gift and secure in place with Scotch® GiftWrap Tape. Tie your ribbon around the box, finishing with a knot (no need for a bow!).

Wedding Shower Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper-Curl Pom-Pom Gift Topper | step 2: cut paper strips |

2. Cut paper strips. Using a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat, cut the papers/cardstock into strips. I used 8 1/2 x 11” sheets and cut the strips lengthwise, using the grid of the cutting mat to determine the width of the strips; you may want to experiment with different widths and lengths to find what works best for the paper you’re using and the size of pom-pom you’d like.

Wedding Shower Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper-Curl Pom-Pom Gift Topper | step 3: make your curls |

3. Make your curls. Roll each paper/cardstock strip around a pencil, then slide off and pull gently to loosen the curl. Aim for a balance of tight and loose curls. The number you need will depend on how large a pom-pom you want to make.

Wedding Shower Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper-Curl Pom-Pom Gift Topper | step 4: attach the paper curls |

4. Attach the paper curls. Using Scotch® GiftWrap Tape, tape the end of each curl atop your gift. Cluster the curls around the knot of the ribbon, mixing the four different papers randomly. Attach as many curls as you need to get the fullness and size you desire, placing them to hide the taped ends. To finish, tuck the card beneath the ribbon. Your gift is now ready for giving!

EXPERT TIP: For the curls, choose various weights of paper and cardstock; every kind will hold a curl differently, and the variety will help create a fuller and more interesting pom-pom.

Wedding Shower Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper-Curl Pom-Pom Gift Topper | detail |


Feather gift wrap | Feathers — hot in fashion, jewelry, home decor, stationery... Whether real or as a motif, feathers are everywhere. Including on gift wrapping.

This is one of those gifts that came together over a long and slow period, despite feathers being a current trend. I bought the paper years ago, and I picked up the metal feather topper back in June 2012. I like the contrast of the metal feather and the real feather, as well as the combination of different metallics (the silver-colour topper, the gold feather print on the paper and the copper-coloured cord).

I have so many sheets of paper, various toppers and miscellaneous bits and pieces hoarded away, it was nice to finally make use of some of my wrap stash.


+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

When Bringing Cake to the Party, Wrap it Like a Gift


Cake and Chocolate | Corinna Wraps What's a party without cake? If you're the one tasked with bringing the dessert, wrap it up special so it's recognized as the gift that it is.

If you've made the cake, first put it on a cake board and into a cake box (both available at Bulk Barn, Michael's and other stores that cary cake making supplies). Next, tie with a pretty ribbon and add a topper — I used blue grosgrain ribbon and some origami flowers. For an extra treat, I added a gourmet lavender chocolate bar.

Now you won't need to bring the cake and a gift!

Pinterest Picks: DIY Clay Projects, Jingle Bell Embellishments + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas and inspiration, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Glitter gift tags with gold bells and a bit of greenery. By Lindsay Stephenson on the Little House Blog. A wonderful elegantly simple combo. The glitter tape, gold bells (love!) and hang tags are all from Lindsay's shop, The Penny Paper Co., where she offers a really nice selection of refined gift wrapping supplies, including tags, ribbon and more.

2. Jumbo star label. From Blank. Add a single extra-large star sticker to a plainly-wrapped gift and voila! The stickers (approx. 2 1/2") are available in five colours in packages of 10 from Blank.

3. DIY clay gift tags. By Tristan B. on Besotted. There are tons of variations of DIY clay tags floating around the internet; these are some of my favourites. Tristan used her custom Besotted Brand stamps to emboss the air-dry clay.

4. Jingle bell wreath topper. By Shauna Oberg on Satori Design for Living. A DIY ornament that makes for the perfect Christmas gift topper with a lovely sound.

+ Double-banded favour boxes. On the Smitten on Paper blog. Two strips of paper turn a plain favour box into a chic gift.

+ Clay bunting gift topper. By Maria on Scandi Home. Another way to use air-dry clay: make your own tiny shapes, then paint them for a graphic embellishment.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

+ Photos courtesy their respective owners.

The Zero-Effort Gift Topper that Always Impresses


Feather broach gift topper Here's a quick tip for those of you who either aren't very crafty or just don't have a lot of time to wrap a gift, but who still want to give a present that looks awesome: use a pin or a broach as a gift topper.

You can pick up inexpensive ones from accessories stores like Ardene, Claire's or anywhere that sells trinket-like budget jewelry such as Joe Fresh or H&M. Or, for an extra special gift, splurge on a nice broach. Either way, the recipient gets a topper she can use again on another gift or use as a fashion accessory for herself.

Both gifts shown here feature pins that cost a couple bucks each (you know, part of one of those buy-five-for-$10 deals, or something equally cheap). I just stuck the sharp end of each pin through the paper and directly into the box lid so it would stay in place. Or if you've tied ribbon around the box, you can pin the broach to that.

With such a wide variety of pins in every style and colour imaginable, you can easily find one suitable for everyone on your gift list. Why not stock up on a bunch so you have them on hand and ready to go the next time you're wrapping presents?

Gift wrapped in handmade paper with orange flower/feather broach

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

A DIY Tulle Topper for Dreamy Gifts


As you may remember, back at the beginning of the month, I showed you a teaser of this DIY project. Subscribers to my Gift Wrapping Newsletter got an advance preview of the tutorial, which I share here with you now. But if you want to be part of the insider's club and see select DIYs and how-tos before anyone else, plus get tips you won't find here on the blog, sign up for my newsletter! DIY tulle gift topper

This gift topper doesn’t take much to make, but it has big impact when attached to a gift.  Layers of tulle netting and a button detail are romantic and dainty without being delicate, making this a good topper for gifts that need to travel (shipping to another country, say). Why not make several at a time and have them ready for last-minute wrapping occasions?

DIY Tulle gift topper (materials and tools)

Materials + Tools
  • Tulle netting in two colours
  • Button (I think a dome button with a shank and no holes looks best)
  • Matching thread
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle

DIY Tulle gift topper (detail)

How To

1. Cut the tulle into squares: You’ll need six squares each of three sizes; the small and large squares should be of the same colour, with the medium-size squares the second colour.

2. Layer the six large squares, rotating them so none of the corners or edges line up but so they’re all centred. Repeat with the medium squares and then the small squares, then stack all three sizes on top of each other.

DIY tulle gift topper (steps 2 and 3)

3. Thread your needle and stitch the stack together in the centre. Use a long, single running stitch, then pull tight to cause the netting to pinch together. Repeat in a few directions. Your goal is to gather the netting to create volume so the fabric doesn’t lie flat. When you’ve achieved a flower-like look (you may need to fluff the tulle a bit), tie off the thread with a knot but don’t trim it.

DIY tulle gift topper (steps 4 and 5)

4. Sew the button to the centre of topper, ending with your needle on the opposite (back) side. Do not trim.

5. Fold ribbon in half and stitch the fold flat to the centre of the back of the topper. Tie off the thread and trim. To finish, cut the ribbon ends (the right way!).

To attach your topper to your gift: Tie a ribbon around your gift as usual, but knot it instead of tying a bow. Then use the ribbon tails at the back of your topper to tie it to the centre of the ribbon on your gift.

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+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

My Wrap Stash: Deals at Target, Dollarama & Creative Bag


Over the last month, I've scored some sweet deals on wrapping supplies: Tissue paper and glassine bags from Creative Bag

From Creative Bag, I got small glassine bags, $0.20 for a package of 10 (that's two cents each!); and tissue paper in multi-coloured zig-zags, army green, and wide black-and-white stripes, $0.99 each.

Blue box, purple glitter bag and pink gift tags from Creative Bag

Also from Creative Bag: blue gift box, $1.45; purple glitter gift bag (and the glitter doesn't come off all over the place!), $0.95; pink gift tags, $1 for a package of 10.

Paper roses from Dollarama

At Dollarama, I found these sweet blue paper roses, which have an adhesive backing to them, for $1.

Grosgrain ribbon from Dollarama

Also at Dollarama, I found a selection of spring-coloured grosgrain ribbons, $1 per roll (the wider width has 12 feet on each roll; the thinner width, 15 feet).

Tissue paper from Target

And on our first trip to a Canadian Target location, I picked up four packages of fun-patterned tissue paper for $0.99 each...

Wrapping paper from Target well as three rolls of wrapping paper. Two of the rolls were $2.99 each and one roll was $4.49, though I don't recall which was which.

+ Photography and styling by Corinna vanGerwen

This Week on Pinterest


This Week on Pinterest, March 22, 2013 A selection of gift wrapping ideas and inspiration, as discovered on Pinterest.

How to cover a box with paper. By Helena on Craft and Creativity. Re-covering old boxes with pretty paper is a great way to reuse packaging for gift giving, but getting tidy corners isn't easy; this post shows you how.

Paper carrots. By Jordan Ferney on Oh Happy Day. A quick and easy DIY for packaging Easter sweets.

Custom gift boxes. By Melanie Blodgett on You Are My Fave. A plain box + iron-on transfer paper = bold typographic gift containers (and they take only five minutes to make). Full tutorial.

"Color Me" gift wrap. By Rachel on Lines Across. Among Rachel's three interactive gift wrapping ideas for kids is this "Color Me" wrap, where the paper is plain and the topper is a set of crayons — you know, so the kids can decorate their own wrap before opening the present. Be sure to click through to see Rachel's other two brilliant ideas.

+ Bubble-wrap–printed paper. By Alisa Burke. Wrap bubble wrap around a cardboard tube, roll in paint, then roll onto paper to create a polkadot pattern.

+ Paperwhite bulbs wrapped in vintage hankies. By Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry on Julep. I think it's the charming vintage handkerchief that makes this host gift so special.

+ DIY air-plant wedding favour. By Debra Norton of Vintage Paper Parade on Weddingbells. I've seen lots of air-plant favour and place card ideas online, but I really like how Debra put this one together.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

3 DIY Easter Projects

Get crafty this spring with these DIY Easter projects.

1. Easter Basket: Make over a plain basket with pussy willows and ribbon. Add wood fill and decorated eggs for a beautiful Easter centrepiece, or line with a tea towel for transporting an Easter loaf.

2. Easter gift wrapping: Scalloped-edged tissue and faux eggs make for a bright, spring-like package.

3. Food-colouring gift tags: While you're dying eggs, make some of these vibrant tags as well.

This Week on Pinterest


This Week on Pinterest, March 1, 2013Nicely packaged homemade boiled apple cider syrup. By Erin Boyle on Reading My Tea Leaves. Everything about this blog post is scrumptious — the packaging, the recipe and the photography. (Image courtesy of Reading My Tea Leaves)

+ Chalkboard gift tags. By Lia Griffith on Ellinée. Click through to Ellinée for the free download of these gift tags.

+ Gifts wrapped with wax seals and string. By Joanna on Liebesbotschaft.

Coloured hot glue "wax" seal adornment. By Shane Powers on Martha Stewart Living's the Crafts Dept. Similar concept as above, different look. Brown paper, string and a "wax" seal — wine bottles wrapped with old-world appeal.

+ Men's tie gift topper. By Amy Atlas on Sweet Designs. A little piece of ribbon cut and tied just right looks like a miniature men's tie.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

Holiday Wrap-Up Pt. 3: My Wrap Stash, Christmas Haul


Most of the time, wrapping materials get used up on the outside of presents, but lucky me, I found a few supplies under the tree this Christmas, including these treasures: BakersTwine_gridTape

A dozen rolls of coloured bakers twine and a roll of grid-patterned fabric tape.


Four fun little fuzzy tufts, with adhesive backings so I can attach them easily to gifts.


Glitter tape in black and aqua, velvet ribbon in lavender on a vintage-style wooden spool, and soft blue tissue (the colour is more unusual than it looks here).


Tiny brass scissors, a clear acrylic tape dispenser, and patterned cellophane tape in polka dots and lace.

Lucky me! Can't wait to use them all!

Holiday Wrap-Up Pt. 2: A Mad Hatter Tea Set


Mad Hatter Gift Tag For Christmas this year, my sister gave me a set of classic white tea cups and saucers. Almost better than the gift was how she wrapped them.

First, she wrapped seven of the eight sets in a box, as per a usual gift; but the eighth set she wrapped separately, securing it to the top of the box. This meant I had to unwrap only one set and the rest stayed securely packaged in their box (smartly marked with a Fragile label) until the Christmas-morning chaos was over and I could unpack them in the kitchen.

Even better though, was the handmade gift tag my sister created to go along with the gift. Sewn from two layers of wool felt, she made a Mad Hatter–esque top hat, complete with a style/price label (on the back of which was the To/From tag for the gift). Brilliant.

This Week on Pinterest


Pinterest Logo+ Wooden treat boxes. By Melanie Blodgett on You Are My Fave. Stick-on letters and paint make for very cool, modern boxes. + DIY personalized ribbon. By Ashley Rose on Whimseybox. Stamps + fabric ink + ribbon = monogrammed ribbon.

+ Rosemary sprig gift decorations. By Laurie Kaiser. A refreshing way to decorate a gift — little sprigs of rosemary attached to the top of a gift in a grid pattern. And be sure to check out Laurie's Pinterest board and Tumblr for lots more inspiring gift wrapping.

+ Personalized gift cards. By Shaleah on the Gold Jellybean. Some kraft paper, a gold pen, and you can wrap that gift card to look fabulous (and not like you picked it up at the last minute).

+ Glitter gift tags. By Lauren on A Fabulous Fete. Lauren uses glitter and double-sided tape instead of glue (smart) to make these tags. Of course, you could also use glitter tape and cut down on the mess even more.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

This Week On Pinterest


Pinterest Logo+ Mountain gift tags. By Claire on Fellow Fellow. A free download. + Minitree advent. By Julie Manwaring of Flourish & Whim on Oh Happy Day. They show you a whole advent calendar here, but using mini trees to decorate holiday gifts would be just as cute.

+ Boxes decorated with washi tape. By Helena on Craft and Creativity. Helena uses washi tape and fabric to cover plain paper boxes; the DIY is easy, and the results are fabulous.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.