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Three Ways to Package Cookies for Gift Giving

Three Ways to Package Cookies for Gift Giving

If cookies are on your list of gifts to give this holiday, you’re going to need a nice way to package them. Here are three ideas on how to box up your baked goods.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies | It’s baking season! And while I am the furthest thing from being a baker, I could spend forever dreaming up ways to package cookies.

Like this idea of wrapping cookies in a roll. Typically, it’s a traditional way to package shortbread, but it will work well for any sliced or flat, round cookies. How many you should include in a roll will depend on the size of cookie; you’ll want to experiment to find the optimum number.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |


+ Wax or parchment paper + Wrapping paper + Ribbon + Stick-on label + Scissors + Circle punch (I used 1 1/4” round) + Clear tape + Double-sided tape + Marker


How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

1. Cut a piece of wax paper; the size will depend on the size of your cookies and how many you’d like to include in one roll. (Refer to the image above as a guide to how much paper to use in relation to the size of your cookies.) Line up a stack of cookies and place it on its side diagonally atop the waxed paper.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

2. Holding the cookies in place, fold the bottom corner of the waxed paper up and over the stack, tucking it underneath as you roll the paper around the cookies. Tape the top corner in place.

Now I should mention that this step sounds a lot easier than it is: First, it took me several attempts to roll the cookies without having them slide everywhere. You have to wrap the waxed paper snug enough to hold the cookies in place, but not so tight as to push them into a slant. The second difficulty was getting the tape to stick to the waxed paper; I tried a few different clear tapes until I found one that held enough to get me through the next few steps.

3. Cut off the excess waxed paper from either end of the roll, then fold in the ends and tape in place.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

4. Cut a piece of wrapping paper: It should be as wide as the roll of cookies, plus the height of the roll; and long enough to wrap around the roll with two or three inches of overlap. Fold over the short edge of the paper to get a straight line, attach a piece of double-sided tape, and then wrap the paper around the cookie roll.

5. Using a circle punch, cut two circles of wrapping paper and apply double-sided tape to the back of each. Fold in the wrapping paper ends of the roll, then attach a circle to each end.

You now have your basic wrapped roll of cookies, which you can decorate as you wish.

6. To get the look shown here, fold a length of ribbon in half, wrap it around the roll, and thread the ends through the loop. Fold back the ends and attach a label to hold the ribbon in place.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

How to Make Cookie Packets


Star Moon Cookies in a Packet Cookie WeekThis DIY packet is a great packaging solution for cookies that are so pretty you want to show them off while keeping them from getting damaged. These lemon cookies sprinkled with pearlescent stars, cookies decorated with royal icing, or gingerbread men are all ideal for this type of wrapping. It's also an economical way to share cookies because you don't need a lot to fill the package. Hand them out to coworkers or as party favours.


How To

  1. Cut a piece of cardstock to fit edge-to-edge inside the bag. A bag without gussets works best; look for the type in which single greeting cards come, or use large resealable jewelry bags. Slide the cardstock into the bag.
  2. Arrange your cookie(s) in the bag, atop the cardstock.
  3. Decide how tall you would like the decorative cardstock at the top of the packet; about 1 1/4" to 2" is good, depending on the size of your bag. Cut your second piece of cardstock to be twice this height and the same width as the bag. For example, if you want the height to be 1 1/2" and your bag is 4 1/2" wide, cut your cardstock to be 3" tall and 4 1/2" wide.
  4. Use a bone folder to score the cardstock horizontally, then fold in half.
  5. Place cardstock at the top of the bag, so the bag is between the two sides. To keep the package stable, staple the back side of the folded cardstock to the bag, with the top of the staples facing out.
  6. With a hole punch, punch two holes through all layers at the top. Thread ribbon through (I used a double layer of satin and organza ribbons) and tie a bow.

NOTE: For my second piece of decorative cardstock, I used a piece of wallpaper. While you can use paper instead of cardstock, make sure it is heavy enough and not too flimsy to support the weight of the cookie(s).

10 Ways to Wrap Cookies


cookies Cookie WeekLike many people, I am totally addicted to Pinterest. Since I've been spending a lot of time on the site, I've found tons of ideas on how to wrap cookies and holiday baking for sharing with friends and family. Here are a few of my favourite ways to package cookies, as found on Pinterest:

  1. Patterned-paper backings for clear treat bags.From Middle Passages.
  2. DIY paper envelopes for single cookies.From Martha Stewart.
  3. Cookie tins made from Pringles cans.From A Thousand Words.
  4. Cookies in a glass tube.From Whole Foods Market (no instructions; image only).
  5. Pink paper bag with a message written on it.From The Yvestown Blog.
  6. As miniature cakes in clear boxes.From Martha Stewart.
  7. Sewn up in wax paper bags.
  8. As buttons, stacked and threaded onto ribbon.
  9. Individually wrapped in cellophane bags and labelled with custom stickers.From Everyday Occasions.
  10. Paper CD envelopes.From Better Homes and Gardens.
Photo via Flickr by yurilong.

Monday Morning Gift


A beautiful present to start off your week. Cookies On a Plate

Cookie Week

This week on the Corinna Wraps blog: Cookie Week! After hosting a cookie exchange, I resisted eating all the treats right away so that first I could package them up to share a few gift wrapping ideas for home baked goods. This is the first of several I'll be posting this week. 

Bright Idea: Package baked goods on a pretty plate for the recipient to keep.