Find of the Day: Hugs & Kisses Gift Tag


Leading up to Valentine’s Day, the Friday Find goes daily, with a love-themed wrapping treat every day until the 14th. Hugs and Kisses letterpress gift tag in black, by Farmwood Press

Printed in black with a grey envelope, there's nothing that screams Valentine's about this letterpress gift tag, well, except the affectionate message, of course. Hugs & Kisses letterpress gift tag (also available in pink and red), $4 US, Farmwood Press.

Holiday Wrap-Up


It's back to work after a lovely holiday. Happy New Year to you all. I wanted to share with you a few gifts that were under my tree this Christmas.

This is the best gift I got this season: ballet lessons. My husband bundled hairpins and elastics (for that perfect ballet bun) along with a certificate, and put them all inside this pointe shoe (who knew you could buy just one?!). He also gave me a pair of leg warmers, which had a matching tag tied to them. Pairing a gift certificate with relevant accessories like this is an excellent way to make opening a gift card or certificate more exciting, and show that you put thought into it.

My sister also had some great wrapping tricks this year. Above is a handmade felt gift tag that she embroidered for our mother. She used a small cookie cutter to trace out the shape, and also made several similar tags out of paper too.

My sister also does this thing where she sews two pieces of kraft paper together around a gift. It's a great solution for awkwardly shaped small items. This year she got fancy by adding a piece of tissue paper between the kraft paper (above), and using hairy yarn and ribbon scraps (below). The packages are a lot of fun to open too, because you're forced to just tear them open – no delicate undoing of the tape here!