Journaling Spots & Pin Clips from Close to My Heart


Journaling Spots and Pin Clips from Close to My Heart I nearly forgot to share with you the neat finds I got from the Creativ Festival the other weekend! Overall, the show was a bit of a let down. I went a few years ago and there were dozens of scrapbooking and stamping booths, which often have supplies and materials that make for neat gift wrapping decorations. This year, there seemed to be less than a dozen booths in these categories, so (good for my wallet) I came away without spending as much money as I had planned.

What I did pick up were these cool journaling spots and pin clips from scrapbooking and stamping supplier Close to My Heart.

I love the patterns on the journaling spots and think they're going to make nice gift tags.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with the pin clips – maybe you have some ideas? You can't tell very well in the photo, but the pin clips are pointed at one end, like a hat pin, and the other end has a paperclip-like circle. As soon as I make something with them, I'll be sure to post pictures.