Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags | At some point when you were a kid, you probably made some artwork by blowing paint around on paper using a straw. These Halloween loot bags feature the same technique, but with a much more sophisticated result. Brown paper lunch bags are the very simple (and cheap!) base, and India ink creates the blackest black, spooky branches.

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags |


+ Paper lunch bags (available at dollar stores and supermarkets)

+ India ink (available for about $2 from art supply stores)

+ A straw

+ Hole punch (optional)

+ Ribbon (optional)



Before you start, lay down some newsprint or other scrap paper to protect your work surface.

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags |

Dip the end of the straw in India ink and use it to draw a line along the bottom of the paper bag. Wipe off any excess ink from the straw, then blow through it at the ink, directing the ink across the bag. (Starting with a line up the side of the bag also looks cool.)

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags |

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags |

It takes some testing and practice to get a nice branching effect, so be sure to have extra bags or scrap paper to experiment with. And pace yourself — I got some serious head rushes from blowing through the straw so much!

Set aside to dry and repeat for each bag.

Once dry, fill the bags with candy or other spooky loot as desired.

To finish off each loot bag, fold over the top, punch two holes and thread through some ribbon, tying a bow. (I used a combination of black tulle, orange satin, and gold glitter ribbon.)

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags |

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags |

This Week on Pinterest, Feb. 10

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It seems to be all about paint this week! Here are three DIY projects I pinned that each use paint to create gift containers.

* Spray-painted cookie tins: turn those tacky tins into stylish ones with a bit of paint. By Cynthia Shaffer. I'd be inclined to leave the tins just a plain colour, without adding the extra decorations. Maybe just tie ribbon around them.

* DIY glitter gift bag. This time paint dresses up a plain muslin bag. By Jenny of Hank + Hunt on The Sweetest Occasion blog. Also includes instructions on how to switch out the bag tie if you don't like the colour the bag comes with.

* Cigar boxes as gift boxes. By the bbbcraft sisters on Design*Sponge. Here they dressed them up in red paint for Valentine's, but even plain, I think cigar boxes make a nice gift container.