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Product Roundup: Tape the Rainbow

Washi tape, fabric tape, glitter tape — there's no shortage of amazing decorative tapes out there. Here, I share a minute technicolour sliver of the lust-worthy tapes that the world has to offer.

1. Mosaic Bright washi tape, $4 US, MT.

2. 20 Slim colours boxed set, $39 US, MT.

3. Pastel Weave tape, Little B.

4. Cross Carmine washi tape, $4 US, MT.

5. Water-activated paper Security  tape, $7.50 US, Cute Tape.

6. Carrot masking tape, Daily Like.

7. Yellow washi tape with red spots and circles, $2.50 US, That Washi Tape Girl.

8. Bouquet Free Dot fabric tape, Daily Like.

9. Field washi tape, $7.11, April 103.

10. Silver Foil Polka Dots tape, Little B.

11. City New York washi tape, Masté.

12. Twilight fabric tape collection, Daily Like.

13. 200 mm purple stripe washi tape, $36 US, MT Casa.

14. Duck glitter roll in pink, $7.49 US, Duck Brand.

15. Nature Baby Panda washi tape, Masté.

16. White acorns paper tape, $3 US, That Washi Tape Girl.

17. Japanese Ninja washi tape, Masté.

18. Scotch Expressions Zig Zag washi tape, $4.51, Staples. (Disclosure: Scotch Brand Canada is a client of mine; however, this is not a paid link.)

Gift Wrap Roundup: Tape the Rainbow — washi tape, fabric tape, glitter tape |

A Figure-Skating–Inspired Gift for a Nine-Year-Old

Figure skating–inspired gift for a nine-year-old | I'm not very good at picking out gifts for nine-year-old girls (I leave that job to my sister); however, I think I'm pretty good at wrapping them. The girl whom this gift was for is into competitive figure skating, so I used that as inspiration for the wrapping.

The bag/box is one that I've held on to from an H&M (maybe Urban Outfitters?) purchase a few years ago. The dots simultaneously remind me of falling snowflakes and the sequins of figure-skating costumes sparkling under the spotlights.

To embellish the gift, I used a couple of feathers and a strip of glitter tape. The neon gift tag adds just the right bit of discordant ugly.

And while the nine-year-old didn't spend much time admiring the wrapping before tearing into it, I was very happy with the results. Score 10 in my books.