Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com At some point when you were a kid, you probably made some artwork by blowing paint around on paper using a straw. These Halloween loot bags feature the same technique, but with a much more sophisticated result. Brown paper lunch bags are the very simple (and cheap!) base, and India ink creates the blackest black, spooky branches.

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com


+ Paper lunch bags (available at dollar stores and supermarkets)

+ India ink (available for about $2 from art supply stores)

+ A straw

+ Hole punch (optional)

+ Ribbon (optional)



Before you start, lay down some newsprint or other scrap paper to protect your work surface.

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com

Dip the end of the straw in India ink and use it to draw a line along the bottom of the paper bag. Wipe off any excess ink from the straw, then blow through it at the ink, directing the ink across the bag. (Starting with a line up the side of the bag also looks cool.)

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com

It takes some testing and practice to get a nice branching effect, so be sure to have extra bags or scrap paper to experiment with. And pace yourself — I got some serious head rushes from blowing through the straw so much!

Set aside to dry and repeat for each bag.

Once dry, fill the bags with candy or other spooky loot as desired.

To finish off each loot bag, fold over the top, punch two holes and thread through some ribbon, tying a bow. (I used a combination of black tulle, orange satin, and gold glitter ribbon.)

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com

DIY Spooky Branch Halloween Loot Bags | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com

Pinterest Picks: Gold Leaf Gift Tags, Sewn Pillow Boxes + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas, inspiration and products, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Calendars wrapped in glassine, secured with washi tape. From Satsuma Press. One simple strip of tape is such a nice detail.

2. Boxed rice cakes. Photo by Genevieve A. via Flickr. I love how precious these rice cakes are, packaged individually and then lined up in a box. I'm totally stealing this idea.

3. DIY machine-embroidered pillow boxes. By Lova Blåvarg on Sweet Paul. To be honest, I don't know if I'd be capable of making these (such detailed sewing!), but I love the sketchy result.

4. DIY gold leaf gift tags. By Lauren on the Thrifty Ginger. I'd recommend using cardstock instead of paper for these.

5. DIY bird favour box. By Maxine of Tulle Box Designs on Wedding Chicks. Personalize a plain truffle box with a shape punch and foil paper.

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5 Valentine's Day Wrapping Goodies that I Adore

Whether you're wrapping a special gift for your sweetheart, handing out sweet treats, or making your own Valentine's cards, here are five packaging goodies for all the people you love.

1. Metallic lose-weave cotton ribbon (15 mm) in Fuchsia with Gold,  $9 US per 3 yards, Studio Carta.

2. Gold hearts glassine treat bags, $5.50 per package of 12, Letter C Design.

3. Set of three heart rubber stamps, $40 US (also available individually), Paper Pastries.

4. Wolf Howling Hearts greeting card, $4.50 US, Lark Press.

5. Italian hand-marbled paper (20" x 28"), $12 per sheet, Luxe Paperie.

Pinterest Picks: DIY Bunny Pouch, Snowflake Gift Toppers + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas, inspiration and products, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Blue Stanton Gift Wrapping Cart. From The Home Depot. If you're serious about gift wrapping, You have to have a wrapping station. This cart has a spot for everything and would look very nice in the corner of a craft room.

2. Yarn and stars gift wrapping. By Manuela on Pink Frilly Handmade. I've always loved yarn as a substitute for ribbon. Paired with polka dots and stars as it is here gives it even more homespun charm.

3. Drawstring bags. From Between the Lines. While these particular bags are no longer available on the Between the Lines Etsy Shop, if you like to sew, you could easily whip up your own version. I just love the black and white pattern combo.

4. Bunny Pouch. By Merrilee on Mer Mag. Download the template and you can make your own crazy adorable reusable felt bunny pouches. (These are seriously up there with cute cat photos for me.)

5. Patterned paper bags. From Petra Boase at Not on the High Street. Love the mix of bag and washi tape patterns and colours.

6. DIY paper snowflake gift toppers. By Silvia on Giochi di Carta. Add some three-dimensionality to paper snowflakes by doing an accordion fold and all of a sudden they're not your kid's craft project anymore.

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Pinterest Picks: How to Wrap Cash, DIY Wrapping Paper + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas and inspiration, as discovered on Pinterest. NOTE: I've decided to rename the This Week On Pinterest column to Pinterest Picks, among other reasons because, well, the column doesn't appear every week. What hasn't changed is the incredible roundup of inspiring gift wrapping ideas and fun projects as discovered — and repinned to my Gift Wrap and Packaging board — on Pinterest.

1. Engineer prints as wrapping paper. By Annie Diamond on Most Lovely Things. For less than $5 US, Annie ordered engineer prints from Staples to use as high-impact personalized wrapping paper. (Also check out Annie's brilliant photo gift tags, made using wallet-size photos and a tag punch.)

2. 13 gifts wrapped in fun and simple ways. By Jessie Senese on the Shop Sweet Lulu blog. Owner of awesome party supply source Shop Sweet Lulu, Jessie put some serious thought into wrapping cash for her daughter on her 13th birthday (no plain envelope and card here!). All part of an elaborate treasure hunt, each box has minimal and simple wrapping that is purely charming.

3. Packaged homegrown chilies. By Nerissa Goco and Peter Hoang on The New Domestic blog. Kraft paper, string and ink-jet labels. Basic yet smart-looking.

+ Striped goodie bags. On Martha Stewart Weddings. A golden handwritten message on black and white striped paper bags — so simple yet so much impact.

+ DIY pop-up peekaboo photo wrap. By By Brittany Watson Jepsen on The House that Lars Built. Remember the heart cutout wrapping paper Brittany made, which I featured on Corinna Wraps back in February? She's used a similar technique to cut pop-up circles with family photos peeking through.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

+ Photos courtesy their respective owners.

Friday Find: Sweet Treat Bags


bird/nest sweet bags by Studio Oh, available at Indigo Whether for party favours or just sharing some extra cookies with coworkers, these food-safe treat bags make a tiny treat extra sweet. The set comes with grease-resistant liner papers to protect the bag from stains, and printed stickers for sealing.  A Tweet for You Treat Bags by Studio Oh, $5.99 per package of 6, Indigo.

4 Ways to Wrap Macarons as Favours


macarons favour — frosted gable box Wedding Month on the Corinna Wraps blogMacarons — there's something very luxurious about these meringue-based French confections. And if you'd like to hand them out as favours at a wedding or other special event, you'd better make sure the packaging is as sophisticated as the treat. Try one of these four elegant ways to wrap macarons without hiding the sweetness inside:

1. A frosted gable box gives a hint of what's inside while keeping the sweets protected. A little wood fill or paper shred on the bottom acts as a cushion, while ribbon and a leather rose broach dress up the outside.

macarons favours — clear pillow box

2. Show off a pair of macarons in a clear pillow box tied with a ribbon.

macarons favours — frosted Chinese takeout container

3. For a variation of the gable box above, try a frosted Chinese takeout container.

macarons favours — wrapped in cellophane to look like candy

4. This is an idea that I shared in an issue of Food & Drink magazine: wrap each macaron individually in cellophane so they look like candies. Cut a square of cellophane large enough to wrap around the macaron, then twist each end and tie with ribbon. Because the confections are so fragile, you have to be very careful as you wrap them so they don't get smooshed or crack; be sure to have extras to allow for mistakes.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

This Week on Pinterest


This Week on Pinterest, March 22, 2013 A selection of gift wrapping ideas and inspiration, as discovered on Pinterest.

How to cover a box with paper. By Helena on Craft and Creativity. Re-covering old boxes with pretty paper is a great way to reuse packaging for gift giving, but getting tidy corners isn't easy; this post shows you how.

Paper carrots. By Jordan Ferney on Oh Happy Day. A quick and easy DIY for packaging Easter sweets.

Custom gift boxes. By Melanie Blodgett on You Are My Fave. A plain box + iron-on transfer paper = bold typographic gift containers (and they take only five minutes to make). Full tutorial.

"Color Me" gift wrap. By Rachel on Lines Across. Among Rachel's three interactive gift wrapping ideas for kids is this "Color Me" wrap, where the paper is plain and the topper is a set of crayons — you know, so the kids can decorate their own wrap before opening the present. Be sure to click through to see Rachel's other two brilliant ideas.

+ Bubble-wrap–printed paper. By Alisa Burke. Wrap bubble wrap around a cardboard tube, roll in paint, then roll onto paper to create a polkadot pattern.

+ Paperwhite bulbs wrapped in vintage hankies. By Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry on Julep. I think it's the charming vintage handkerchief that makes this host gift so special.

+ DIY air-plant wedding favour. By Debra Norton of Vintage Paper Parade on Weddingbells. I've seen lots of air-plant favour and place card ideas online, but I really like how Debra put this one together.

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DIY Charitable Donation Wedding Favours

Charitable Donation Wedding Favours

Not everyone wants to give another chotchke or more chocolate as wedding favours, which is why making a charitable donation in honour of your guests is a thoughtful alternative. However, it's still nice to have something that your guests can have and hold at the reception, something they can keep as a souvenir of the day. That's where charitable donation cards come in.

You want to do more than just hand out slips of paper to let your guests know about the donation though. By adding some decorative paper and a bow, you can turn a basic card into a sweet gift that guests can unwrap. Here's how:

Charitable Donation Wedding Favours: Materials


  • Flat cards
  • Decorative paper
  • Twine or ribbon


Charitable Donation Wedding Favours: CutPaper

To let guests know about your altruistic gesture, print out cards with the details of the charity to which you made a donation, and include a thank you for joining you on your special day. In your choice of computer program (I use Apple’s Pages), create a document the size of your flat cards; I used 4″ x 5½″ cards. I tried smaller RSVP-size cards first, but they were too small for my printer to print on. Type in the information (here are some wording options), select a font and design your card; then print. If you’re having your wedding invitations printed professionally, you should be able to order these as part of your suite.

Next, cut your decorative paper to size. I used a natural paper with inclusions; it was given to me by someone, so I'm not 100 percent certain, but I believe it's a banana-fibre paper. My sheets were roughly 8½″ x 11″, so I was able to make one cut to get them the right size — I just cut each sheet in half lengthwise. If your flat cards and/or decorative paper are different sizes than what I've used here, you'll have to measure out what works for your favours. The decorative paper should be approximately 1″–1½″ thinner than the width of the flat card; the length should be 3 times the height of the card, minus 1"–2".

Place decorative paper face down, then centre the printed card face up atop it. I eyeballed it, but if you have trouble with this, measure and mark your placement first. Next, fold up the bottom, then the top of the decorative paper to wrap the card. If you're using a heavier-stock paper, you may want to measure, score and fold the paper before wrapping it around the card; the paper I used is almost tissue-like and was easy to fold without doing so.

Cut your twine approximately 4 times the height of the flat card. Tie in a bow around the card wrapped in decorative paper, then trim ends to length. If you have trouble keeping the paper in place as you tie the twine around it, use a small piece of double-sided tape or a Glue Dot to keep the paper in place.

Repeat for each favour. Put the favours at each place setting for the dinner, or place in a decorative vessel at the entrance to the reception, near the seating cards or guest book.

Charitable Donation Wedding Favours, closeup

ASSEMBLY TIP When you're making hundreds, or even just dozens of charitable donation favours, make it easier on yourself by enlisting some friends to help out. Set up an assembly line where each person does one part — one person does all the cutting, another the folding and a third the bow-tying.


This Week on Pinterest

Pinterest LogoJewel stickers to seal tissue-wrapped packages. From The Vamoose blog. According to the comments on The Vamoose blog, these stickers were actually cut from a decorative tape from Nonesuch Things. Unfortunately it looks like they don't carry it anymore. Next best thing: go the DIY route and print out images of jewels onto sticker paper. * Toilet paper rolls as wrapping paper cuffs, to keep the paper from loosening on the roll and getting damaged. By Joy Huish Astle on Finding Joy. This is a brilliant idea. Brilliant. I wish I had thought of it.

* Baby shower gift styled to look like sushi. By Jolene on Creative Dollar. Jolene took various baby items such as socks, wash cloths and onesies, and rolled them together to look like sushi, and arranged them all on a "sushi" plate. A very fun way to add pizazz to a budget gift (her total: $17).

* DIY geometric favour boxes. By Michaela and Lotta of Hey Look on Ruffled.

DIY Weddings: Guest Post & Seminar


Today I'm very excited to be featured in a guest post on Wedding Obsession, where I explain how to make these super-easy DIY candy favours. (They're also great for showers and other events.) While you're there, take some time to look at the entire site; Melissa posts so many beautiful wedding ideas.

And if you're looking for more DIY wedding ideas, come out to my DIY Wedding Seminar: An introduction to designing a handcrafted wedding. I'll be presenting the seminar next week, Thurs. March. 31, at RE:Style Studio. Visit my Workshops page for more details.