Friday Find: Martha Stewart Home Office Supplies


Martha Stewart Office Supplies Martha's done it again, bringing her signature style to a line of Martha Stewart brand home office goodies available at Staples. I always love shopping office supply stores for interesting wrapping materials like labels, and now I'm going to have even more fun. I couldn't choose just one of Martha's products to show you, so here's a selection of my faves for gift wrapping (there is so much more, though, so go take a look!).

FOR GIFT TAGS & LABELS: (1) Medium paper tags, $2.99 per package of 12 assorted colours; (4) brown kraft labels 72429, $3.99 per package of 36; (5) ElastiNote tag, $4.99 per package of 6; (6) chalkboard labels 72413, $5.99 per package of 6; (8) textured oval labels 72443 in Eggshell with Blue Border, $3.99 per package of 12.

AS GIFT BOXES: (2) Stack+Fit shagreen small Item Holder with lid (12-1/2"W x 2-1/2"D x 1-7/8”H), $8.99; (7) Stack+Fit shagreen small box with lid (4-3/4”W x 4-1/4”D x 1-3/4”H), $5.99.

IN PLACE OF RIBBON: (3) Fabric elastic bands in blue and grey, $3.99 per package of 2.