Are You America's Most Gifted Wrapper?


[youtube] Here's one for all my readers living in the States: last week 3M announced that the 2012 Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper contest is now open for entries.

This isn't some measly contest where you just win some swag and bragging rights — you could win $10,000 US! Eight finalists will be flown to New York City for three days — all expenses paid — to compete for the grand prize on November 30. There is also a prize of $2,500 for the first runner up, as well as two $500 and four $250 American Express gift cards for the remaining runners up. If you're a finalist, whether you win or not, you'll still come home with something.

So, if you fancy yourself a top-notch gift wrapper, enter the contest by filling out the form and making a two-minute video showing your mad wrapping skills and saying why you should win the crown of Most Gifted Wrapper. Deadline is September 23, 2012. (For more details, read the official rules.)

Good luck!