This Week on Pinterest


This Week on Pinterest, March 1, 2013Nicely packaged homemade boiled apple cider syrup. By Erin Boyle on Reading My Tea Leaves. Everything about this blog post is scrumptious — the packaging, the recipe and the photography. (Image courtesy of Reading My Tea Leaves)

+ Chalkboard gift tags. By Lia Griffith on Ellinée. Click through to Ellinée for the free download of these gift tags.

+ Gifts wrapped with wax seals and string. By Joanna on Liebesbotschaft.

Coloured hot glue "wax" seal adornment. By Shane Powers on Martha Stewart Living's the Crafts Dept. Similar concept as above, different look. Brown paper, string and a "wax" seal — wine bottles wrapped with old-world appeal.

+ Men's tie gift topper. By Amy Atlas on Sweet Designs. A little piece of ribbon cut and tied just right looks like a miniature men's tie.

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Friday Find: Martha Stewart Home Office Supplies


Martha Stewart Office Supplies Martha's done it again, bringing her signature style to a line of Martha Stewart brand home office goodies available at Staples. I always love shopping office supply stores for interesting wrapping materials like labels, and now I'm going to have even more fun. I couldn't choose just one of Martha's products to show you, so here's a selection of my faves for gift wrapping (there is so much more, though, so go take a look!).

FOR GIFT TAGS & LABELS: (1) Medium paper tags, $2.99 per package of 12 assorted colours; (4) brown kraft labels 72429, $3.99 per package of 36; (5) ElastiNote tag, $4.99 per package of 6; (6) chalkboard labels 72413, $5.99 per package of 6; (8) textured oval labels 72443 in Eggshell with Blue Border, $3.99 per package of 12.

AS GIFT BOXES: (2) Stack+Fit shagreen small Item Holder with lid (12-1/2"W x 2-1/2"D x 1-7/8”H), $8.99; (7) Stack+Fit shagreen small box with lid (4-3/4”W x 4-1/4”D x 1-3/4”H), $5.99.

IN PLACE OF RIBBON: (3) Fabric elastic bands in blue and grey, $3.99 per package of 2.