A Bundle of Bourbon

Bourbon in Tissue with Leather Tie Bourbon. It makes me think of everything worn and weathered: wooden casks, tobacco, leather, waxed cotton, dust... When my husband asked me to wrap a bottle of bourbon for a friend of his, this was the imagery going through my head. What materials would evoke the same rugged feeling?

Inspired by waxed cotton, I chose a tissue in a kraft-paper colour and made it fabric-like by crumpling it up to create lots of wrinkles. I balled up, rolled and twisted three layers of it, scrunching the tissue up then carefully smoothing it out, over and over. You have to be very gentle with the paper when doing this, so you don't tear it.

Bourbon in Tissue with Leather Tie, Detail

The result was quite cloth-like, and when I rolled the bottle in the tissue, I was able to create some very interesting, soft folds around the top, which I wouldn't have been able to get with fresh sheets. And what better way to secure the tissue and complete the look than with a leather strap, knotted around the middle?

I can almost picture a small distillery nonchalantly wrapping its bourbon this way for a Clint Eastwood–type character, who would then toss it into his worn out rucksack before hopping a freight train. Maybe I've been watching too many movies.