This Week on Pinterest

Pinterest LogoJewel stickers to seal tissue-wrapped packages. From The Vamoose blog. According to the comments on The Vamoose blog, these stickers were actually cut from a decorative tape from Nonesuch Things. Unfortunately it looks like they don't carry it anymore. Next best thing: go the DIY route and print out images of jewels onto sticker paper. * Toilet paper rolls as wrapping paper cuffs, to keep the paper from loosening on the roll and getting damaged. By Joy Huish Astle on Finding Joy. This is a brilliant idea. Brilliant. I wish I had thought of it.

* Baby shower gift styled to look like sushi. By Jolene on Creative Dollar. Jolene took various baby items such as socks, wash cloths and onesies, and rolled them together to look like sushi, and arranged them all on a "sushi" plate. A very fun way to add pizazz to a budget gift (her total: $17).

* DIY geometric favour boxes. By Michaela and Lotta of Hey Look on Ruffled.