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Luxury Gift Papers Using Specialty Press Finishes

Paragon Papers If I were to design wrapping paper (and maybe someday I will), it would probably look something like these stunning designs from Paragon Papers. Sure, these three patterns look nice enough on screen, but see them — touch them — in real life and you'd really appreciate just how gorgeous they are.

Created by the veteran designers of Paragon Design Group (they do web and print design, brand identity and more), these papers feature printing techniques that are usually reserved for expensive, glossy brochures and fancy programs and high-end print jobs like the stuff you'd, well, hire a design agency to create.

Above, the pattern on the left is called Galileo, and all those stars glow in the dark — how cool is that?! The middle one is called Gatsby and features a spot gloss art deco pattern. And the righthand one, called Indigo Hyde, looks like leather and has a satiny finish. If you totally geek out on printing process and paper details, read Paragon's blog post with all the details.

Find all three designs for sale ($12 US per package of 3) at

Paragon Papers