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Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift-Wrapped Wine This is an outtake from an editorial job I did last year. I'm quite fond of it and am kinda bummed it didn't make the final cut, but that's the way styling goes — what works in concept or in your sketchbook doesn't always translate on camera or onto the magazine page.

Moms, though, they love you outtakes and all (#seewhatididthere?). So here's to all you moms out there; thank you for your unconditional love. I hope you have a fabulous mother's day — one that includes a moment of quiet with a glass of your favourite drink. Cheers


Father's Day Gift Wrapping with Feathers

Father's Day gift: wrapped wine bottle with feather gift topper | Sometimes a gig comes along that you enjoy so much, you spend maybe a little longer working on it than what you're getting paid for.

You can see the results of just such a job in the Early Summer 2015 issue of Food & Drink. In it, I styled four bottles of various wines and spirits for a story about gift giving for the special occasions of the season — Mother's Day, Victoria Day, Father's Day and a wedding. Three of the four bottles (actually, I wrapped eight for the shoot) made it to the final shot, including the bottle above.

This is how I wrapped a bottle of wine for Father's Day: Wrinkled and weathered kraft paper, folded and twisted around the shape of the bottle. A gift tag hung loosely over the neck. Flat leather cord wound and tied casually, with ends left long. To top it off, I made a dashing (if I say so myself) feather gift topper. I combined natural and vibrantly-dyed feathers together, binding their tips with a shock of green tissue.

Perfect for Dad, no?

Tissue Paper: Add a Whole New Layer to your Gift Wrapping


layering tissue paper: Wine bottle wrapped in two layers of tissue and band of patterned paper When working with tissue papers, the layering possibilities are endless.

First, let me clarify what I mean by tissues: I’m not talking only about the basic plain tissue you first think of, though I do include it in this category. There are also lace papers and watermark tissues, open weaves and spun fibres, plus so many others. When I speak of tissue, I mean any semi-transparent paper that allows you to see through to what’s underneath.

That translucency is exactly what makes layering with these papers so interesting. A pink tissue over a red paper will have a completely different look than pink over white, for example. You can achieve a great variety of effects — soft, bold, colourful, muted... — simply by changing up the colour underneath. Add in a texture or pattern, and wow!, even more varied results.

For example, take this wine bottle that I wrapped for a product display at The Japanese Paper Place: A sheer blue tissue with a blossom pattern peeks out from beneath a grid-patterned tissue wine bag. For a third layer, a band of silkscreened paper adds a bright floral pattern. With the different patterns, textures and transparencies, there’s a lot going on with this gift, yet it’s all unified.

Below you can see what the same white grid tissue looks like over yellow, pink and even stripes. All give a different effect.

When wrapping with tissues, try layering different colours, patterns and textures, working to achieve the effect that’s just right for the gift. There’s a whole world of tissues that I urge you to keep an eye out for and experiment with — they’ll add a whole new layer to your gift wrapping.

white grid tissue shown layered over various colours

Source: Floral silkscreened chiyogami paper, blue watermark tissue, and white grid wine bag and tissue, The Japanese Paper Pace.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

This Week on Pinterest


Pinterest Logo + DIY paper-roll organizer. By Caroline Armelle on Armelle. Wooden dowels + metal hooks = a smart storage solution for wrapping paper rolls. Caroline has hung hers on the inside of a closet door, making good use of usually unused space. + DIY fabric feathers. By Ez of Creature Comforts on 100 Layer Cake. Would make for cool gift toppers.

+ Thyme mini wreath around a bottle of wine. From Traditional Home, as seen on Haus Design. The scent would be wonderful.

+ Paper pouf bow. By Jeffery Ruddell, as seen on All Things Paper. Made from lots of thin strips and very flowerlike, like a spider mum.

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1 Easy Way to Decorate Wine Bottles


This post was first published in Corinna’s monthly Gift Wrapping Newsletter. Sign up here! Wine Bottles Decorated with Stickers

When you’ve been invited to dinner or to a party, the expectation is that you bring a bottle of wine. But you can’t leave it in the liquor store bag (not very classy). And you don’t want to go all out and wrap it, either; it’s not so much a gift as a token Thank You for having you over.

For a quick and easy way to make the bottle more festive without going overboard, add a few stickers. Once you have the stickers on hand, it takes all of 90 seconds to decorate a bottle. Here, I spelled out cheers with adhesive letters on one, wrote a message on an office label for another, and went with gold stars on the third.

You can find all sorts of stickers at dollar stores, toy stores and in the scrapbooking section of crafts stores. Choose something appropriate to the occasion and stick away!