Elevate the Everyday to Spectacular


Presentation can make even the most humble gift appear to be something special. I was asked by a friend to help her rewrap some fresh figs, which she had bought from the grocery store and had come in one of those green plastic berry baskets. (The recipient loved figs and the gift was an inside joke of sorts.) Although we had very limited wrapping supplies on hand, we were able to make the figs look as if they came from a gourmet food shop.

After washing the stickiness off the figs as best we could, we arranged them nicely in a clear glass vase, choosing a size that the figs would fill (you don't want too much spare room or for the fruit to look squished). We then wrapped the vase in clear cellophane, gathering the top together and tying it with two types of gold ribbon to complement the colour of the figs. And voila!

This would also work very nicely for any type of food (for example cookies, organic pears or mandarins) and given as a hostess gift.