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New Products from Smock


New Kraft Wrapping from Smock Ever since I first discovered Smock, I've been in love. The Syracuse, New York–based print shop produces truly contemporary wrapping paper with beautiful patterns that are rare gems in the world of gift wrap. It's paper that you want to keep for yourself.

Smock has recently introduced its latest line of products, among which are three new wraps printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled kraft paper. In addition to a classic silver stripe are two patterns that are a little bit African, a little Japanese, a little Art Deco and all kinds of subdued, masculine sophistication. From left, Tweed, Eastham and Band wraps (24x36"), $7 US per roll of 2 sheets.   

Not How Old letterpress card and gold gift labels from Smock

Other new products include a selection of letterpress cards, such as this rhinoceros-emblazoned birthday card, as well as all-purpose gold foil stamped labels, also available in silver and useful for any-ocassion gift giving. Left, Not How Old letterpress card, $4 US. Right, Gold gift labels, $7.50 US per 3 sheets of 12 labels.

+ Images courtesy of Smock