My Wrap Stash

My Wrap Stash: Metal Feathers


metal feathers Ok, so I'm not making any commitments here, but I think this might be a new column.

Last Sunday I was out and about, having a lazy stroll after an impromptu brunch, wandering in and out of shops along West Queen West here in Toronto. In one antique/vintage furniture store, Symbolist, I found these amazing metal feathers. I'm not sure what kind of metal they are — tin or pewter or something — but they're from a lighting factory. Maybe they were elements of a chandelier? Or an embossing mold for paper or fabric? Symbolist had dozens of them, though a friend who went back to get her own on Tuesday says the store was down to only a handful.

I think the feathers are supercool and will make some stylish gift toppers. I just had to share them with you. ...which got me thinking... Maybe I should share with you the wrapping treasures I find on a regular basis. What do you think? Are you interested in seeing what papers, ribbons and various other sundries I collect?