Indian paper

Shizen Design Handmade Papers


Shizen Design papers One of the wonderful things about wrapping gifts is that it gives you a chance to play with colours and patterns that you might never dream of wearing or using in your home. Take me, for example: while my wardrobe does contain some bold colours, there's not much pattern and the majority of my clothes are grey; likewise, my home is a rather subdued palette of greys and wood tones. You wouldn't know from seeing either that I get excited by colour and pattern. However, I could spend hours looking at vibrant papers like these by Shizen Design.

A North Kansas–based wholesale company, Shizen Design (pronounced shea-zen) is run by husband-and-wife team Neil and Shelly Pinto. Shelly, who used to be an artist for Hallmark, designs the patterns in collaboration with Shizen Design's manufacturer in India. Made of cotton scraps from the Indian garment industry, the papers are all hand silkscreened and dried in the sun. Cotton scraps and sun drying  aren't the only environmentally friendly features though — all the water used in the paper-making process is recycled as well.

Above is just a small sample of the hundreds of boldly hued and patterned papers from Shizen Design (seriously, a look at their catalogue is a feast for the eyes). Check out the photos on their Facebook page (which includes pictures of the paper factory) to see more of their designs. To purchase, visit Paper Mojo online or The Paper Place in Toronto.