Easter Gift Wrapping Tips on House & Home

Easter Gift | HandH-easterOnce again the wonderful folks at House & Home decided to interview me for some gift-wrapping ideas. This time I'm sharing some Easter-themed ideas and tips. Some I've shared here before, but there are some new ideas too. Check it out here.

Pinterest Picks: Valentine's Day Edition

A selection of gift wrapping ideas, inspiration and products, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Printable Army-Man Valentine. By Liz on Love and Marriage and a Baby Carriage. It's nice to see a Valentine that isn't all pink, red and hearts.

2. DIY Arrow Treat Bags. By Erin Lepperd on Style Me Pretty. A nice idea for homebaked treats.

3. DIY Stitched Gift Box. By Camilla Fabbri on Family Chic. I love the heart, but also love the idea of stitching any pattern onto a box top. Imagine XOX for Valentine's Day, or colourful circles for another occasion. And if you're super skilled at embroidery, you could make an amazing design.

4. Printable Valentine's Day gift tags. By Bre on Bre Purposed. Of course, nothing says you can't use these tags for non-Valentine gifts.

5. Printable Valentine's Day wrapping paper. From For the Makers on The Source. Four cute patterns: tiny heart gift wrap, painted brick gift wrap, matchstick gift wrap (my fave) and sugarpie gift wrap.

Visit my Valentine's Gift Wrapping board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Three Ways to Package Cookies for Gift Giving

Three Ways to Package Cookies for Gift Giving

If cookies are on your list of gifts to give this holiday, you’re going to need a nice way to package them. Here are three ideas on how to box up your baked goods.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Inspiration on Pinterest

Christmas Gift Wrapping | Corinna vanGerwen on PinterestGift Wrapping & Packaging | Corinna vanGerwen on Pinterest Brown Paper Packages | Corinna vanGerwen on PinterestFood & Drink Gift Wrapping & Packaging | Corinna vanGerwen on Pinterest

Finished your holiday shopping yet? Yeah, me neither. (Sick of everyone asking that question? Yeah, me too.)

Once you are done and you get to start the fun part — the gift wrapping! — don't forget that you'll find tons of inspiration not just here on the Corinna Wraps blog, but also by following me on Pinterest.

I've created a new Christmas Gift Wrapping board just for the season, plus there's my extensive Gift Wrap and Packaging board. If you're fond of kraft paper, check out my Brown Paper Packages board. And if you have wine or home-baked goodies to wrap, you'll want to peruse my Food & Drink Gift Wrapping & Packaging board for ideas on how to make a nice presentation.

I'll be pinning lots over the next couple of weeks, so check back often!

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies | It’s baking season! And while I am the furthest thing from being a baker, I could spend forever dreaming up ways to package cookies.

Like this idea of wrapping cookies in a roll. Typically, it’s a traditional way to package shortbread, but it will work well for any sliced or flat, round cookies. How many you should include in a roll will depend on the size of cookie; you’ll want to experiment to find the optimum number.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |


+ Wax or parchment paper + Wrapping paper + Ribbon + Stick-on label + Scissors + Circle punch (I used 1 1/4” round) + Clear tape + Double-sided tape + Marker


How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

1. Cut a piece of wax paper; the size will depend on the size of your cookies and how many you’d like to include in one roll. (Refer to the image above as a guide to how much paper to use in relation to the size of your cookies.) Line up a stack of cookies and place it on its side diagonally atop the waxed paper.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

2. Holding the cookies in place, fold the bottom corner of the waxed paper up and over the stack, tucking it underneath as you roll the paper around the cookies. Tape the top corner in place.

Now I should mention that this step sounds a lot easier than it is: First, it took me several attempts to roll the cookies without having them slide everywhere. You have to wrap the waxed paper snug enough to hold the cookies in place, but not so tight as to push them into a slant. The second difficulty was getting the tape to stick to the waxed paper; I tried a few different clear tapes until I found one that held enough to get me through the next few steps.

3. Cut off the excess waxed paper from either end of the roll, then fold in the ends and tape in place.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

4. Cut a piece of wrapping paper: It should be as wide as the roll of cookies, plus the height of the roll; and long enough to wrap around the roll with two or three inches of overlap. Fold over the short edge of the paper to get a straight line, attach a piece of double-sided tape, and then wrap the paper around the cookie roll.

5. Using a circle punch, cut two circles of wrapping paper and apply double-sided tape to the back of each. Fold in the wrapping paper ends of the roll, then attach a circle to each end.

You now have your basic wrapped roll of cookies, which you can decorate as you wish.

6. To get the look shown here, fold a length of ribbon in half, wrap it around the roll, and thread the ends through the loop. Fold back the ends and attach a label to hold the ribbon in place.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

How to Make Gift Wrapping Stress Free — My Tips on House &

7 Tips To Make Holiday Gift Wrapping Stress-Free Check it! I'm thrilled to be featured on House & sharing my tips on how to make gift wrapping stress-free this holiday season. There are some real gems in the story, if I do say so myself!

Special thanks to writer and editor Stacy Lee Kong for thinking of me and inviting me to share my tips with House & Home readers.

DIY Colour-Block Gift Wrapping


DIY Colour-Block Gift Wrapping with Washi Tape Detail | At some point, no matter whether you’re a novice gift wrapper or a packaging master, you’re bound to find yourself short of paper or facing a box that’s bigger than any roll could cover. That’s where this stylish colour-block gift wrapping technique can be useful.

By combining two pieces of wrapping paper, you can extend the width of a sheet up to the size you need. But instead of it looking like “I didn’t have enough paper,” the use of two different colours and the addition of a feature tape makes the wrapping job look stylish and purposeful — you meant it to be like this!

Plus, colour blocking — besides being on-trend design wise — is a great way to use up all those extra leftover pieces of wrapping paper that you can’t do much else with.

When choosing which papers to combine, select colours and patterns that complement each other and the Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape that you’re using. Having trouble? Start with your favourite Washi tape and use papers in the same palette.



ScotchSPONSORED CONTENT This post is brought to you by 3M Scotch® Brand. Visit the Scotch® Brand Style Blog for more information and great DIY inspiration!




TIME NEEDED: Approximately 5–15 minutes

DIY Colour-Block Gift Wrapping with Washi Tape Detail |


Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors

Scotch® Magic™ Tape

+ Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape, Pine Trees

Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape


+ Two different wrapping papers: Edo paper in Aqua and gift wrap in Peacock from The Paper Place.

+ Ribbon

+ Gift tag

DIY Colour-Block Gift Wrapping with Washi Tape Detail |

1. Attach the two papers together. Lay the two sheets of wrapping paper facedown beside each other, overlapping an inch or so along one edge. Tape them in place with several pieces of Scotch® Magic™ Tape along the seam. It’s best to use the straight, uncut edge of the paper to get the cleanest look.

DIY Colour-Block Gift Wrapping with Washi Tape Detail |

2. Add the Washi tape. Flip the paper over so it’s face up. Apply a strip of Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape, Pine Trees, along the seam, taking care to keep the tape smooth and straight.

DIY Colour-Block Gift Wrapping with Washi Tape Detail |

3. Wrap your box. Using your Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors and Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape, wrap your gift. Before measuring and cutting the two-paper wrap, plan the placement of the Washi tape; I wanted mine about a third up from the bottom of the box, and parallel to the edge. Once you’ve wrapped the paper around the box, add a ribbon and gift tag to complete the look.


EXPERT TIP: There’s no limit to how many pieces of paper you can combine using this technique. Tape together two sheets for a clean colour-blocking look as seen here, or attach many smaller pieces together for a “quilt” of papers.

DIY Holiday Gift Tags

DIY Holiday Glitter-Tape Gift Tags | While I tend to go all out on wrapping a few key presents at Christmastime, for the majority of my gifts, I stick to quick-but-stylish packaging. Think the basics: paper, ribbon and a tag. Sounds boring, but choose the right elements and “plain” gifts will look just as stunning as any fancy wrapping job.

These make-ahead gift tags are a perfect example of a simple but eye-catching ingredient. Glittery tapes in graphic stripes look a bit like ornaments, and will catch and reflect twinkling lights when under the tree.

I paired my tags with a modern black paper scattered with stars (yes, I love black for Christmas!), but they would also look great with plain white, black-and-white striped or gold chevron–patterned paper.

Whip up a batch of these gift tags on a snowy afternoon, and they’ll be ready to go as you wrap your presents this holiday season.



ScotchSPONSORED CONTENT This post is brought to you by 3M Scotch® Brand. Visit the Scotch® Brand Style Blog for more information and great DIY inspiration!




TIME NEEDED: Approximately 5 minutes for one tag, or about 15 to 60 minutes for a batch of tags (depending on how many you make)


DIY Holiday Glitter-Tape Gift Tags |

SCOTCH® BRAND SUPPLIES: + Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape, Red Crinkles + Scotch® Expressions Magic Tape, Red + Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape, Green Crinkles + Scotch® Expressions Magic Tape, Green + Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape, Silver Sparkles + Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Silver + Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape + Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors

OTHER SUPPLIES/TOOLS: + White cardstock + Circle template + Fine-point permanent marker + Hole punch + Star wrapping paper from the Outer Layer + Cord or ribbon

DIY Holiday Glitter-Tape Gift Tags |

1. Add tape to the cardstock. Add a strip of Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape, Red Crinkles, along one edge of a piece of white cardstock. Next to it, apply a strip of Scotch® Expressions Magic Tape, Red. Repeat, alternating between the two tapes until you’ve filled your sheet of cardstock.

To make the green and silver tags, repeat this step on additional sheets of cardstock: Use Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape, Green Crinkles, with Scotch® Expressions Magic Tape, Green; and pair Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape, Silver Sparkles, with Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Silver.

DIY Holiday Glitter-Tape Gift Tags |

2. Draw your gift tag shapes. Using a circle template and fine-point permanent marker, trace circles onto the taped side of the cardstock. (I made mine three-inches round.) Marking your shapes onto the front of your tag allows you to position the tape stripes exactly where you would like them to be within the circle. If you don’t have a circle template, any round object will work, such as a drinking glass or roll of masking tape.

DIY Holiday Glitter-Tape Gift Tags |

3. Cut out your gift tags. Using Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, cut out each circle. Stay inside the lines so the marker won’t show on your final pieces. Next, punch a hole along the edge of each tag.

4. Wrap your gift. Using Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, cut your wrapping paper to size. Wrap the paper around your gift and secure in place with Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape. Tie your cord around the box, add the tag and finish with a bow.

EXPERT TIP: Address your tags by writing on the back (the cardstock side), or use a permanent marker to write overtop the tape.

DIY Holiday Glitter-Tape Gift Tags |

Pinterest Picks: DIY Clay Projects, Jingle Bell Embellishments + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas and inspiration, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Glitter gift tags with gold bells and a bit of greenery. By Lindsay Stephenson on the Little House Blog. A wonderful elegantly simple combo. The glitter tape, gold bells (love!) and hang tags are all from Lindsay's shop, The Penny Paper Co., where she offers a really nice selection of refined gift wrapping supplies, including tags, ribbon and more.

2. Jumbo star label. From Blank. Add a single extra-large star sticker to a plainly-wrapped gift and voila! The stickers (approx. 2 1/2") are available in five colours in packages of 10 from Blank.

3. DIY clay gift tags. By Tristan B. on Besotted. There are tons of variations of DIY clay tags floating around the internet; these are some of my favourites. Tristan used her custom Besotted Brand stamps to emboss the air-dry clay.

4. Jingle bell wreath topper. By Shauna Oberg on Satori Design for Living. A DIY ornament that makes for the perfect Christmas gift topper with a lovely sound.

+ Double-banded favour boxes. On the Smitten on Paper blog. Two strips of paper turn a plain favour box into a chic gift.

+ Clay bunting gift topper. By Maria on Scandi Home. Another way to use air-dry clay: make your own tiny shapes, then paint them for a graphic embellishment.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

+ Photos courtesy their respective owners.

Holiday Wrap-Up Pt. 2: A Mad Hatter Tea Set


Mad Hatter Gift Tag For Christmas this year, my sister gave me a set of classic white tea cups and saucers. Almost better than the gift was how she wrapped them.

First, she wrapped seven of the eight sets in a box, as per a usual gift; but the eighth set she wrapped separately, securing it to the top of the box. This meant I had to unwrap only one set and the rest stayed securely packaged in their box (smartly marked with a Fragile label) until the Christmas-morning chaos was over and I could unpack them in the kitchen.

Even better though, was the handmade gift tag my sister created to go along with the gift. Sewn from two layers of wool felt, she made a Mad Hatter–esque top hat, complete with a style/price label (on the back of which was the To/From tag for the gift). Brilliant.

Holiday Wrap-Up Pt. 1: Ballet in a Bag


Ballet tickets wrapped in handmade baggies As a Christmas gift last year, my sister bought tickets to the ballet for the ladies of the family, packaging them in a very inventive way. This year, she topped herself.

My aunt, mother and I each received a tiny cloth baggie — red with white polka dots, with a green ribbon drawstring — that my sister had sewn herself. Peeking from the top was a little tuft of tulle. As they were, the bags were sweet little packages, but my sister went a step further.

Ballet tickets wrapped in handmade baggies

When she handed us the bags, she instructed us to pull out the tulle first. As we did, a ribbon attached to the end of the tulle unfurled from each bag; on it, she had embroidered the name of the ballet. What fun, eh?! Inside the bag, there was also a little card with the date and time of the performance we were going to see. The bags will be a nice keepsake of what promises to be a great evening together.

This Week On Pinterest


Pinterest Logo+ Mountain gift tags. By Claire on Fellow Fellow. A free download. + Minitree advent. By Julie Manwaring of Flourish & Whim on Oh Happy Day. They show you a whole advent calendar here, but using mini trees to decorate holiday gifts would be just as cute.

+ Boxes decorated with washi tape. By Helena on Craft and Creativity. Helena uses washi tape and fabric to cover plain paper boxes; the DIY is easy, and the results are fabulous.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

Shortbread Packaging Story in Food & Drink


Food and Drink, holiday 2012 Hey, Ontarians: If you haven't picked up a copy of the LCBO's Food & Drink Holiday issue yet, get on it before there are none left! Why? Because on page 104 you will find four ideas on how to package your homemade shortbread — by yours truly, of course. So march on down to your local liquor store and pick up your free copy, STAT!

And... what better time than to remind all you readers in the Toronto area that I have a cookie packaging workshop coming up this Tuesday? UPDATE: THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED Well, actually, it's more than just a packaging workshop — it's a cookie exchange too. So bake up a batch or two of your favourite cookies and bring them down to The Paper Place to learn how to package them really nicely for holiday gift giving. It's going to be so much fun! The class is $45; call or drop by The Paper Place to register.