Father's Day

Father's Day Gift Wrapping with Feathers

Father's Day gift: wrapped wine bottle with feather gift topper |CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com Sometimes a gig comes along that you enjoy so much, you spend maybe a little longer working on it than what you're getting paid for.

You can see the results of just such a job in the Early Summer 2015 issue of Food & Drink. In it, I styled four bottles of various wines and spirits for a story about gift giving for the special occasions of the season — Mother's Day, Victoria Day, Father's Day and a wedding. Three of the four bottles (actually, I wrapped eight for the shoot) made it to the final shot, including the bottle above.

This is how I wrapped a bottle of wine for Father's Day: Wrinkled and weathered kraft paper, folded and twisted around the shape of the bottle. A gift tag hung loosely over the neck. Flat leather cord wound and tied casually, with ends left long. To top it off, I made a dashing (if I say so myself) feather gift topper. I combined natural and vibrantly-dyed feathers together, binding their tips with a shock of green tissue.

Perfect for Dad, no?

Happy Father's Day


Father's Day gift: Red kraft paper with blue bakers twine, grid fabric tape and wood tag | Corinna Wraps My Dad cut some tree branches into thin slices for me to use as gift tags, so it seemed only appropriate that I use one on my Father's Day gift to him. The rest of the gift I kept simple — and I stayed away from a "natural" or "woodsy" theme. Instead, I used red kraft paper (a steal from Ikea last year, maybe the year before), blue baker's twine and some grid-patterned fabric tape. To show off the tape, I wrapped the gift with the seam on the front instead of the back.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!


Father's Day gift: Red kraft paper with blue bakers twine, grid fabric tape and wood tag | Corinna Wraps

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

8 Ways to Wrap a Gift for Dad

When you're wrapping a gift for Dad this Father's Day, look to these eight ideas from the Corinna Wraps archives for inspiration.

1. Personalize a bottle of home brew or store-bought spirits with jute twine. DIY tutorial.

2. Smock's line of printed kraft paper is the perfect selection of subtle pattern for Dad.

3. Gift wrapping that makes a sartorial statement. How to wrap using two papers.

4. Weathered tissue and leather wrapping for the rugged father.

5. DIY military-stencilled paper is sure to be a hit. Just change the message to Happy Father's Day.

6. A white-on-white monogram is sleek and sophisticated.

7. Decorate Dad's gift with wood veneer for an unforgettable package. DIY tutorial.

8. Create a minimal look with an image panel from a second sheet of wrapping paper.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

Packaged Goods: A Patterned Duo for Dad


Packaged Goods: Father's Day PUTTING IT TOGETHER You never want anything too frilly for Dad, which is why I thought wrapping a present in two papers would be a nice way to do something special for a Father's Day gift without getting too flashy. Diagonal navy stripes on half the gift, with a white-and-brown baubles pattern on the other half makes the package interesting even without ribbon or a topper. (Click here for instructions on how to wrap with two papers.) Instead of a card, I like this label, which was inspired by the security patterns inside of envelopes.

THE GOODS (1) Stripes gift wrap, $4 US per sheet, Fig. 2 Design Studio. (2) Baubles wrap in Peat, $8 US per 2 sheets, Pikku. (3) Security-pattern label, £4.50 per pack of 8 (4 designs), Present & Correct.


+ Collage by Corinna vanGerwen. Images property of their respective companies