Easter Gift Wrapping Tips on House & Home

Easter Gift | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com HandH-easterOnce again the wonderful folks at House & Home decided to interview me for some gift-wrapping ideas. This time I'm sharing some Easter-themed ideas and tips. Some I've shared here before, but there are some new ideas too. Check it out here.

5 Colourful Ways to Wrap Presents

To celebrate the first hints of spring (which can't get here fast enough, as far as I'm concerned), here's a rainbow of bright gift wrapping ideas from the Corinna Wraps archives. Click the links to read more.

1. DIY seed packets made from your favourite wrapping paper are a sweet way to share seeds from your own garden and make great gifts for garden lovers, Mother's Day or hostess gifts.

2. A clear box shows off coloured wood-fibre grass fill. With Easter around the corner, it's a good time to find colourful basket fills at the dollar store.

3. Shizen Design handmade papers are silkscreened in lush colours.

4. DIY gift tags made using food colouring — a good craft to do while you have your Easter egg decorating supplies out.

5. DIY stencilled treat bag — try with an Easter message and fill with sweets.


This Week on Pinterest


This Week on Pinterest, March 22, 2013 A selection of gift wrapping ideas and inspiration, as discovered on Pinterest.

How to cover a box with paper. By Helena on Craft and Creativity. Re-covering old boxes with pretty paper is a great way to reuse packaging for gift giving, but getting tidy corners isn't easy; this post shows you how.

Paper carrots. By Jordan Ferney on Oh Happy Day. A quick and easy DIY for packaging Easter sweets.

Custom gift boxes. By Melanie Blodgett on You Are My Fave. A plain box + iron-on transfer paper = bold typographic gift containers (and they take only five minutes to make). Full tutorial.

"Color Me" gift wrap. By Rachel on Lines Across. Among Rachel's three interactive gift wrapping ideas for kids is this "Color Me" wrap, where the paper is plain and the topper is a set of crayons — you know, so the kids can decorate their own wrap before opening the present. Be sure to click through to see Rachel's other two brilliant ideas.

+ Bubble-wrap–printed paper. By Alisa Burke. Wrap bubble wrap around a cardboard tube, roll in paint, then roll onto paper to create a polkadot pattern.

+ Paperwhite bulbs wrapped in vintage hankies. By Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry on Julep. I think it's the charming vintage handkerchief that makes this host gift so special.

+ DIY air-plant wedding favour. By Debra Norton of Vintage Paper Parade on Weddingbells. I've seen lots of air-plant favour and place card ideas online, but I really like how Debra put this one together.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

3 DIY Easter Projects

Get crafty this spring with these DIY Easter projects.

1. Easter Basket: Make over a plain basket with pussy willows and ribbon. Add wood fill and decorated eggs for a beautiful Easter centrepiece, or line with a tea towel for transporting an Easter loaf.

2. Easter gift wrapping: Scalloped-edged tissue and faux eggs make for a bright, spring-like package.

3. Food-colouring gift tags: While you're dying eggs, make some of these vibrant tags as well.

My Easter-Basket Tutorial on CanadianGardening.com


Pussy Willow Easter Basket Looking for a simple centrepiece for your Easter dinner table this coming weekend? Hop over to CanadianGardening.com to see my full tutorial on how to make this pussy willow and bow basket. It doesn't take long to make and the bows could be switched up for any colour that complements your decor. Happy Easter!

Friday Find: Japanese-Patterned Envelopes


Japanese-pattern envelopes, from Lemonni For gift cards, love notes or tiny trinkets, these handmade envelopes have a touch of Easter to them, with their hopping bunnies and basket-like patterns. Japanese Vintage Pattern Envelopes (2.75″ x 4.33″), $14 per set of 4, Lemonni on Poppytalk Handmade.

Friday Find: Hatch-Pattern Wrap


Screendoor gift wrap by Pikku Some of the best patterns can be found on textiles, so it's nice to see Pikku apply the same design aesthetic to gift wrap as it does to fabric. This paper's basket-like hatch pattern and its colour name — Carrot — make it seem almost custom-designed for Easter gifts. Or maybe I just have Easter on my mind. Screen door wrap in Carrot, $8 per 2 sheets, Pikku.

Easter Egg Wrap How-to


I never think of Easter as much of a gift-giving occasion, but it inspires such lovely spring motifs and colour-palettes. These small, speckled blue styrofoam eggs, which I found at the dollar store, were my jumping off point for this package.

My first inclination was to pair the eggs with a flax-colour paper and garden twine, but that combo has been so done, I was bored before I even started. Instead of going for a soft, nest-inspired palette, why not make the blue pop against a complementary orange-yellow? Add a touch of pink and you have a trio of Easter colours, but with a little more modern oomph than traditional pastels.

I threaded the eggs onto three colours of embroidery floss to make up the bow, while three layers of tissue cut with a scalloped edge create a flower-like pouf at the top of the gift.

  • 3 sheets of tissue paper (2 sheets of colour A, 1 sheet of colour B)
  • 3 colours of embroidery floss
  • 6 styrofoam eggs (I found these speckled blue ones at the dollar store), or other decorative item, such as beads or small faux flowers
  1. On one piece of tissue in colour A, trace a circle  large enough so it will leave a nice pouf when gathered around the gift; a general rule of thumb is to have at least two inches above the gift. Using a scalloped-edged rotary cutter or pinking shears, cut the circle out.
  2. Cut a slightly larger circle from the sheet of tissue in colour B, then another slightly larger circle from the third sheet of tissue (the second sheet of colour A). There should be 1-4" difference in diameter between each circle. Set aside.
  3. Cut a length of each colour of embroidery floss long enough to tie around the gathered tissue, plus a little extra to allow for tying knots.
  4. Thread a needle with one length of floss, then thread through a styrofoam egg from tip to bottom. To secure the egg in place, tie a knot on either side, as close to the egg as possible. From the bottom end of the egg, cut off any excess thread. Attach a second egg to the other end of the floss in the same way. Repeat with the other two colours of floss. You should have three lengths of floss, each threaded with two eggs (one on either end).
  5. Stack the three tissue circles so they are centred, with the smallest circle on the bottom and the largest on the top.
  6. Place your gift in the centre, then gather up the tissue around the gift and tie with the three egg-decorated embroidery flosses. I tied all three pieces of floss together as one bow, but you may find it easier to tie each one separately. Adjust tissue pouf as necessary before tightening the bow.