Baker's twine

Happy Father's Day


Father's Day gift: Red kraft paper with blue bakers twine, grid fabric tape and wood tag | Corinna Wraps My Dad cut some tree branches into thin slices for me to use as gift tags, so it seemed only appropriate that I use one on my Father's Day gift to him. The rest of the gift I kept simple — and I stayed away from a "natural" or "woodsy" theme. Instead, I used red kraft paper (a steal from Ikea last year, maybe the year before), blue baker's twine and some grid-patterned fabric tape. To show off the tape, I wrapped the gift with the seam on the front instead of the back.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!


Father's Day gift: Red kraft paper with blue bakers twine, grid fabric tape and wood tag | Corinna Wraps

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

Holiday Wrap-Up Pt. 3: My Wrap Stash, Christmas Haul


Most of the time, wrapping materials get used up on the outside of presents, but lucky me, I found a few supplies under the tree this Christmas, including these treasures: BakersTwine_gridTape

A dozen rolls of coloured bakers twine and a roll of grid-patterned fabric tape.


Four fun little fuzzy tufts, with adhesive backings so I can attach them easily to gifts.


Glitter tape in black and aqua, velvet ribbon in lavender on a vintage-style wooden spool, and soft blue tissue (the colour is more unusual than it looks here).


Tiny brass scissors, a clear acrylic tape dispenser, and patterned cellophane tape in polka dots and lace.

Lucky me! Can't wait to use them all!

Shopping: Blank


Blank Supplies and Inspiration (Homepage) Here's a store after my own heart: Australian-based e-tailer Blank sells, well, blank packaging supplies with with to let your creativity fly. Coloured gift boxes and tags, wooden berry boxes and hollow eggs, muslin and glassine bags — all the basics for conjuring up your own pretty packaging. And of course, the ubiquitous Divine Twine and washi tape are in shop too. The best part: every item listing includes images of the product in use for inspiration. (Hat tip to Paper Crave.)

Washi Tape Tags, Blank

Coloured Gift Boxes from Blank

Painted Wooden Nesting Eggs from Blank

Neon Hang Tags from Blank

Friday Find: Coloured Bakers Twine


Bakers twine is one of those gift-wrapping staples – a basic way to tie up packages that always looks classic. Traditionally it comes in red-and-white, but these days you can find bakery twine in a rainbow of colours. Whisker Graphics' Divine Twine comes in 12 colours, including a red-white-and-blue air-mail stripe. $15 US/spool of 240 yards.