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How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies | It’s baking season! And while I am the furthest thing from being a baker, I could spend forever dreaming up ways to package cookies.

Like this idea of wrapping cookies in a roll. Typically, it’s a traditional way to package shortbread, but it will work well for any sliced or flat, round cookies. How many you should include in a roll will depend on the size of cookie; you’ll want to experiment to find the optimum number.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |


+ Wax or parchment paper + Wrapping paper + Ribbon + Stick-on label + Scissors + Circle punch (I used 1 1/4” round) + Clear tape + Double-sided tape + Marker


How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

1. Cut a piece of wax paper; the size will depend on the size of your cookies and how many you’d like to include in one roll. (Refer to the image above as a guide to how much paper to use in relation to the size of your cookies.) Line up a stack of cookies and place it on its side diagonally atop the waxed paper.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

2. Holding the cookies in place, fold the bottom corner of the waxed paper up and over the stack, tucking it underneath as you roll the paper around the cookies. Tape the top corner in place.

Now I should mention that this step sounds a lot easier than it is: First, it took me several attempts to roll the cookies without having them slide everywhere. You have to wrap the waxed paper snug enough to hold the cookies in place, but not so tight as to push them into a slant. The second difficulty was getting the tape to stick to the waxed paper; I tried a few different clear tapes until I found one that held enough to get me through the next few steps.

3. Cut off the excess waxed paper from either end of the roll, then fold in the ends and tape in place.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

4. Cut a piece of wrapping paper: It should be as wide as the roll of cookies, plus the height of the roll; and long enough to wrap around the roll with two or three inches of overlap. Fold over the short edge of the paper to get a straight line, attach a piece of double-sided tape, and then wrap the paper around the cookie roll.

5. Using a circle punch, cut two circles of wrapping paper and apply double-sided tape to the back of each. Fold in the wrapping paper ends of the roll, then attach a circle to each end.

You now have your basic wrapped roll of cookies, which you can decorate as you wish.

6. To get the look shown here, fold a length of ribbon in half, wrap it around the roll, and thread the ends through the loop. Fold back the ends and attach a label to hold the ribbon in place.

How To Wrap a Roll of Cookies |

Friday Find: Pretty-Patterned Gift Boxes

scandinavian_blue-box stars-boxombre_pink-box

Nicely patterned gift boxes are a rare breed. (Trust me, I've looked.) So I was delighted to chance upon these from Georgette Packaging, which would work just as nicely for baubles and trinkets as they would for cupcakes and treats (they all come with cupcake inserts included). From top: Georgette Packaging's Scandinavian Blue Barent box (7" x 9.5" x 3.5"; also available in blue on white), $20 per package of 6; Stars of Darlington box (3.5" x 3.5" x 4"), $12 per package of 6; Ombré Pink Darlington boxes (3.5" x 3.5" x 4"), $12 per package of 6, Brika.

Spring Workshops

Cookie Exchange and Packaging Workshop I have three workshops coming up over the next few months, and I'm hoping some of you Toronto-area folks will be able to make it.

The first, March 21st, is a Cookie Exchange and Packaging Workshop at The Paper Place. Come out for a fun night of sharing baked goods and learning lots of ways to package them up all pretty.

In April, I'll be teaching an all-day workshop at Harbourfront Centre — Spring Wreaths. Come make a beautiful wreath from Japanese watermark tissue. It's a great Mother's day gift or wedding decoration.

Then on May 12, just in time for Mother's Day, is my Paper & Petals workshop, also at Harbourfront Centre. Come learn how to wrap corner-store bouquets to look like they're from a high-end florist and surprise Mom with a budget-friendly arrangement. Or bring her along from some quality time together.

Cookie Exchange & Packaging Workshop at The Paper Place

Cookie Exchange and Packaging Workshop Calling all bakers! Next month I'll be hosting a cookie exchange at The Paper Place in Toronto. It's not just any ol' evening of trading baked goods though — I'll be teaching you how to package up those cookies all purty like for giving to friends and family. Down with plain, plastic resealable bags!

I've shown you lots of ways to wrap baked goods here on the Corinna Wraps blog, but you'll learn even more in this workshop, plus get a chance to play with all the fabulous packaging materials The Paper Place has to offer.

So sign up for the workshop, bake a few batches and come learn how to box, bag and wrap cookies so the packaging looks as great as the treats taste!

$45 (materials included) Wed., March 21, 2012 The Paper Place, 887 Queen St. West, Toronto To register, call 416-703-0089 or visit the store


This Week on Pinterest, Feb. 3

Pinterest Logo* Folded-paper treat bags. A simple way to make patterned gift bags without a lot of cutting and gluing. A great option for customizing wedding or party favours. By Emily on Not So Idle Hands. Find the full how-to tutorial on Not So Idle Hands. * Valentine gift tag using washi tape and a rolling alphabet stamp. By Heather on WhipperBerry. The tag is just a small part of the packaging for some heart-shaped doughnuts on WhipperBerry.

* Canelé cake favours wrapped in tissue and string. Beautifully simple. By Chelsea Fuss on Project Wedding.

* DIY lace wrapping paper. Scan, photo edit, print, wrap! From Martha Stewart.

Monday Morning Gift


A beautiful present to start off your week. Cookies On a Plate

Cookie Week

This week on the Corinna Wraps blog: Cookie Week! After hosting a cookie exchange, I resisted eating all the treats right away so that first I could package them up to share a few gift wrapping ideas for home baked goods. This is the first of several I'll be posting this week. 

Bright Idea: Package baked goods on a pretty plate for the recipient to keep.