Origami Ornament Gift Topper


When it came time for me to dress up this present, I was at a bit of a loss. I had only one gift bag on hand that would fit the present, and its silver colour dictated what I could use for the rest of the wrapping. I chose blue tissue to keep the silver from looking too dull or wedding-like, but I didn't have a topper that matched and was appropriate (a gift for my father, I didn't want anything fussy). Leafing through my stack of specialty papers (I thought perhaps a handmade card would do the trick), I found a beautiful piece of waterlike-patterned paper in a blue similar to the tissue. Eureka! Origami.

I chose to fold a fish to go with the fishing theme of the gift inside, but the options are endless. You can find instructions on how to fold an origami fish here, or visit Origami-instructions.com for how-tos on hundreds of other origami shapes, from beginner to advanced. You can also finds video instructions by doing a search on You Tube. For this gift, I turned the fish into a keepsake ornament by threading a ribbon through the paper.