Workshops & Demonstrations

Gift Wrapping Demo, Dec. 12th


Silver With Blue Band Want to know one of my secrets to wrapping pretty presents? Using beautiful materials! That's why I'm glad to count The Japanese Paper Place — an international wholesaler of fine Japanese papers — among my list of friends, suppliers and clients. Their catalogue of papers is phenomenal. Above is a gift that I wrapped using their blue chiyogami, white gira pearl and unryu silver papers.

If you'd like to see more innovative ways to use Japanese papers for gift wrapping, next Wed., Dec. 12, I'll be gift wrapping in the Japanese Paper Place gallery all day as part of the company's Washi Wednesday event. From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. you can stop by 77 Brock Ave., Toronto, and watch and learn as I use some of the JPP's exquisite papers to wrap gifts. You can even get a tour of the warehouse and see the wall of chiyogami, as well as buy a few select papers on sale. Visit the JPP website for details.

Hope you can stop by!

Shortbread Packaging Story in Food & Drink


Food and Drink, holiday 2012 Hey, Ontarians: If you haven't picked up a copy of the LCBO's Food & Drink Holiday issue yet, get on it before there are none left! Why? Because on page 104 you will find four ideas on how to package your homemade shortbread — by yours truly, of course. So march on down to your local liquor store and pick up your free copy, STAT!

And... what better time than to remind all you readers in the Toronto area that I have a cookie packaging workshop coming up this Tuesday? UPDATE: THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED Well, actually, it's more than just a packaging workshop — it's a cookie exchange too. So bake up a batch or two of your favourite cookies and bring them down to The Paper Place to learn how to package them really nicely for holiday gift giving. It's going to be so much fun! The class is $45; call or drop by The Paper Place to register.

Cookie Exchange & Packaging Workshop


Cookie Exchange and Packaging Workshop UPDATE: THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED

It's time to start thinking about holiday baking! To get yourself ready for the seasonal giving of baked goods, may I suggest that you come to my cookie exchange and packaging workshop next week? It will be Tuesday night at my favourite neighbourhood paper store, The Paper Place, on Queen St. W. in Toronto, and it will be tons of fun! Bring a batch of your favourite cookies and learn lots of fun ways to bag, box and wrap them for gift giving and sharing. Call or drop by The Paper Place to register — sign up while there are still spots!

PS — You'll get a chance to make my popular washi-tape twist ties using some of The Paper Place's fabulous selection of tapes.

PPS — Cookie Week is coming up on the Corinna Wraps Blog too. Watch for it in December!

Workshop: Frosty Watermark Tissue Wreath, Nov. 13


White watermark tissue wreath There are a few more spots in my Frosty Wreath workshop tomorrow. If you're in the Toronto area, sign up — I promise you a fun night of crafting!

The wreath we'll be making in class is simple, but the process can be addictive and the end result is stunning. It's a great way to decorate your home for the holidays, or the wreath also makes a thoughtful homemade gift.

For full details and info on how to register, visit The Paper Place website. Hope to see you there!

Holiday Workshops at The Paper Place


Time to get your holiday craft on! I'll be presenting two workshops at The Paper Place in Toronto this season. White watermark tissue wreath

The first, on Tues., Nov. 13, is my popular Watermark Tissue Wreath class. This is a super easy project that can be a little addictive. At least half the students who attended last year's session went home to make more wreaths — one student made a whole batch of them for wedding decorations.

Cookie Exchange and Packaging Workshop

The second workshop on Tues., Nov. 27, is a cookie exchange (yum!). Inspired by Cookie Week here on the blog, this class is a cookie exchange and packaging workshop in one. Bring a batch or two of your favourite cookies and learn how to package them in lots of fun ways for holiday gifts. Exchange with other people in the class, or take home to share with family and friends.

Both workshops will be held at The Paper Place in Toronto. Visit the store's website for more information. Register in person at The Paper Place (887 Queen St. W.), or call 416-703-0089.

Learn How to Gift Wrap Flowers — Just in Time for Mother's Day


Paper & Petals workshop Plan on giving Mum some flowers for Mother's Day this year? Come out to my Paper + Petals workshop at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre on May 12 and learn how the right kind of paper can make flowers from the grocery store look so, so much better. I'll show you how to wrap bouquets and potted plants, make simple vases, and package seeds and bulbs (for the gardeners). Plus, you'll get a chance to make your own floral pick medallion (like the one in the photo above), on which to write a heartfelt message to Mom. Or, if you think Mom would enjoy herself, bring her along for the workshop too!

Find full details on my website, or visit to register.

5 Reasons to Come to My Wreath Workshop

Spring Watermark-Tissue Wreath UPDATE: Unfortunately, this workshop has been cancelled. Please consider signing up for my Paper + Petals flower-wrapping workshop on May 12th.


Only a week and a half until my next workshop! On Saturday, April 21st, I'll be teaching my popular watermark-tissue wreath project at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

I love this wreath project because (a) it's really easy to make and looks fabulous, and (b) it uses two of my favourite papers, Japanese watermark tissue (a durable, lacy, fabric-like paper) and chiyogami (a silkscreened paper available in hundreds of stunning patterns). The bonus for me this time is that the workshop is presented by the Harbourfront Centre, where I spent many, many hours as a child, skating on their pond, watching live music and generally just hanging about. Many fond memories.

But enough about me. Here are 5 reasons why you should come to the Spring Wreath Workshop:

  1.  It's a fun day of crafting!
  2. The wreath is very, very easy to make — suitable for beginner and advanced crafters alike.
  3. You'll get to play with gorgeous papers (really, really gorgeous papers).
  4. The wreath makes a great handmade Mother's Day gift.
  5. You'll want to make more: Once you learn how to make this tissue wreath, you'll want to make lots of them, as gifts, to try different colours and to decorate your own home. (You'll be sent home with instructions for easy referral.) One of the students from my last wreath workshop is making a whole bunch of them in white as decorations for her wedding.
For full details, visit my website, or register online at Hope to see you there!

Spring Wreath Workshop


Spring Watermark-Tissue Wreath UPDATE: Unfortunately, this workshop has been cancelled. Please consider signing up for my Paper + Petals flower-wrapping workshop on May 12th.


Pretty wreath, eh? You can make your own if you come to my Spring Watermark-Tissue Wreath workshop on the 21st. The wreath, made from Japanese watermark tissue, makes a wonderful gift, say, for Mother's Day coming up. Or, if you're a bride, it would be a beautiful decoration for your wedding. Or, a simply lovely way to decorate your home for spring. And you want to know a secret? It's really, really easy to make!

For full details, visit my website, or register online at

Spring Workshops

Cookie Exchange and Packaging Workshop I have three workshops coming up over the next few months, and I'm hoping some of you Toronto-area folks will be able to make it.

The first, March 21st, is a Cookie Exchange and Packaging Workshop at The Paper Place. Come out for a fun night of sharing baked goods and learning lots of ways to package them up all pretty.

In April, I'll be teaching an all-day workshop at Harbourfront Centre — Spring Wreaths. Come make a beautiful wreath from Japanese watermark tissue. It's a great Mother's day gift or wedding decoration.

Then on May 12, just in time for Mother's Day, is my Paper & Petals workshop, also at Harbourfront Centre. Come learn how to wrap corner-store bouquets to look like they're from a high-end florist and surprise Mom with a budget-friendly arrangement. Or bring her along from some quality time together.

Cookie Exchange & Packaging Workshop at The Paper Place

Cookie Exchange and Packaging Workshop Calling all bakers! Next month I'll be hosting a cookie exchange at The Paper Place in Toronto. It's not just any ol' evening of trading baked goods though — I'll be teaching you how to package up those cookies all purty like for giving to friends and family. Down with plain, plastic resealable bags!

I've shown you lots of ways to wrap baked goods here on the Corinna Wraps blog, but you'll learn even more in this workshop, plus get a chance to play with all the fabulous packaging materials The Paper Place has to offer.

So sign up for the workshop, bake a few batches and come learn how to box, bag and wrap cookies so the packaging looks as great as the treats taste!

$45 (materials included) Wed., March 21, 2012 The Paper Place, 887 Queen St. West, Toronto To register, call 416-703-0089 or visit the store


Spring Workshops at Harbourfront Centre

Centrepiece with table number floral pick

If you're in the Toronto area and ready for spring (and I mean real spring, not this fake spring we've been having all winter), sign up for one of my upcoming workshops at Harbourfront Centre. Give yourself something to look forward to.

On April 21, I'm doing a full-day workshop on how to make an ethereal paper wreath from Japanese watermark tissue. It's a really simple project that looks stunning hung in a window. And it makes a nice gift as well.

And on May 12, I'll be teaching my Paper & Petals workshop, in which I'll show you tons of ways you can combine decorative papers with flowers to create beautiful gifts as well as centrepieces for your home or for events (attention brides!). You'll learn how to wrap bouquets from the corner store so they look as if they came from a high-end florist (a great budget-conious gift for Mother's Day), plus you'll get to make your own paper medallion floral pick like the one shown in the photo above.

To sign up, visit the Harbourfront Centre website.

Watermark-Tissue Wrapping Demo & Shopping Night

Grid watermark tissue Wine Bags If you've never tried wrapping with watermark tissue, you're missing out. It's one of those addictive materials, and once you try this delicate Japanese paper, you'll keep finding uses for it. Made from rayon fibres, the paper is delicate but much stronger than regular tissue paper — plus a lot prettier.

Next Wednesday, Dec. 14, I'll be presenting a demo on how to wrap with watermark tissue as part of a shopping night at the Japanese Paper Place (77 Brock Ave., Toronto). The event is free, and there will be discounts on the tissues, so come out! Starts at 6 pm, demo at 7 pm.

Pretty Package Paper Toppers Workshop

Trio of paper gift toppers (embellishments) Thank you so, so much to everyone who came out to my Watermark Tissue Wreath workshop last night. I had so much fun!

Next Tuesday I'll be presenting another workshop at The Paper Place: Pretty Package Paper Toppers (there's a tongue twister for you!). If you're in the Toronto area, please come by!

In class, you'll learn how to make the three paper gift embellishments shown in the photo above. They're a lovely way to dress up your gifts, especially if, like me, you're not a big fan of those stick-on bows.

Head over to The Paper Place website for more details and registration info, check out my website, or just call The Paper Place at 416-703-0089 to sign up. There are only six spots, so register before it's too late!

Frosty Watermark Tissue Wreath Workshop


White watermark tissue wreath Looking for a unique gift idea? Or perhaps a new way to decorate your home for the holidays?

Come to my Frosty Watermark Tissue Wreath workshop next Wednesday and you'll get to make this wintry, ethereal wreath — made from paper! The workshop is $65 and includes all materials (which are worth about $30). Call The Paper Place at  416-703-0089 to register (do it soon before the class fills up!).

My Story on Green Gift Wrapping in Best Health

Green Gift Wrapping Story by Corinna vanGerwen in Best Health, Dec. 2011 Looking for a few eco-friendly gift wrapping options? Check out my story in the December issue of Best Health magazine. (When you're done reading my piece, flip to page 31 for a photo of one of the cute dogs at the shoot for the story — a hint of what you'll see: "reindeer.")

And if you'd like more eco inspiration, don't forget to sign up for my green gift wrapping workshop at Grassroots on the Danforth next week!

UPDATE: P.S. Come to my class at Grassroots and you'll receive a free copy of the December issue of Best Health magazine.

Holiday Workshops

Trio of paper gift toppers (embellishments) I have several holiday workshops and demonstrations coming up, so if you're in the Toronto area and would like to learn a few of my gift wrapping techniques, sign up for one! Here's the rundown, starting with Green Gift Wrapping at Grassroots tomorrow night:

Nov. 22 & 29 – Green Gift Wrapping demo: Learn how to wrap gifts the stylish, eco-friendly way.

NEW Nov. 30 – Snowy Holiday Wreath workshop: Make this beautiful and easy DIY paper wreath project using fine Japanese papers.

NEW Dec. 6 – Paper Gift Toppers workshop: Learn how to make three types of paper embellishments (like in the photo above) for dressing up your gifts.

Dec. 7 – Holiday Gift Wrapping 101 workshop: Learn all the gift wrapping basics to make your presents look professional in this hands-on class.

NEW Dec. 14 – Wrapping with Watermark Tissue demo: I'll demonstrate three ways to use this lightweight, fabric-like Japanese tissue for holiday wrapping. Details coming soon.

Gift Wrapping 101 Workshop

Holiday Gift Wrapping 101 Workshop Want to learn all my wrapping secrets? Come to my Gift Wrapping 101 workshop on Dec 7. I'll teach you all the tricks to getting a perfectly wrapped present, including how to measure the correct amount of paper, wrap a box, make tidy folds and clean corners, tie a bow and fluff tissue. Take my class and you'll find holiday gift wrapping a lot less stressful.

The workshop will be held at the RE:Style Studio in Toronto. Visit my website for more info and details on how to register. There are only 12 spots, so sign up soon!

Green Gift Wrapping Demos at Grassroots

Wood Box Topped with Cedar Sprigs If you'd like to be a little more eco-friendly this Christmas, come to my green gift wrapping demonstration at Grassroots in Toronto. I promise to show you more planet-smart ideas than just how to wrap gifts with old newspaper. And I promise they'll be beautiful ideas too.

Visit my website for more details on the demo, or head over to the Grassroots site to register. There are two classes: one on Nov. 22, the second on the 29th. It's only $15, and you'll get to go home with a little treat!

Paper & Petals Workshop – Holiday Flowers


Paper & Petals: Holiday Flowers gift wrapping workshop Halloween may not even be here yet, but in my world, it's already Christmas. I have a few holiday gift wrapping workshops lined up for November and December, but the one I'd like to tell you about today is Paper & Petals: Holiday Flowers.

Readers of this blog will remember that I did a similar workshop last June at the Japanese Paper Place. This time, we'll be working with seasonal flowers like poinsettias, paper whites and amaryllis, plus I'll share some ideas on giving flower bulbs as gifts (a great host gift idea!).

In class, students will also get to make a floral pick medallion like the one in the photo above. The picks are a creative way to send a personalized message (no mini mylar balloons here!) and they're pretty easy to make.

The class costs $45.20 (materials included), and is on Wed., Nov. 16, at the RE:Style Studio in Toronto. Please visit my website at for more details and info on how to register.

Hope to see you there!

Autumn Paper Wreath Workshop


Autumn Paper Wreath This beautiful wreath is made entirely of paper, and if you'd like to learn how to make it, sign up for my workshop Oct. 12. Ok, so it's not exactly gift wrapping, but I thought you might be interested to see what else I do with paper. Head over to my website for more details and info on how to register for the class. Hope to see you there!