5 Fall Gift Wrapping Ideas

This October, seasonal gift wrapping ideas from the Corinna Wraps archives offer inspiration for the whole month.

1. I went mushroom hunting last weekend — made me think of this fungi-patterned gift wrap.

2. For Thanksgiving, make these DIY leaves cornucopias for each place setting at the dinner table.

3. Pleated kraft paper, leather and wood veneer are subtle and sophisticated.

4. Whether for Halloween or another fall occasion, these DIY loot bags are a cinch to make.

5. A glittery gift with a spider-like topper is a glam take on Halloween.

+ Gift wrapping and photography (except mushroom paper) by Corinna vanGerwen

Monthly Wrap-Up: September


blue ribbon and grid tissue paperSeptember has gone by in a blur. I was going to recap some of the news and events from the past few weeks, but all the most popular posts of the month seem to have it covered. So click on the links below to see what I've been up to and what I have planned. Here are the top three posts from September:

Coming Soon! 1st-Ever Product Line + an Ebook for Bloggers. Inspired by two events this month, I'm making big plans for the future.

Why You Should Use an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog. Click through for my guest post leading up to the BlogPodium conference a few weeks ago.

The Gift Wrapping Newsletter Returns. Get even more gift wrapping tips and ideas, delivered to your inbox.

Monthly Wrap-Up: August


floral paperThat's it! Summer. Gone. It's bittersweet, because while it's sad to see the lazy days fade away, fall can be such an inspiring season. Even if the weather continues to be summer-like, post Labour Day it's back to business for most of us, whether it be school or new work projects. It's the time of year when you feel pumped to start something new or learn a new skill. Speaking of education, I'd like to remind all you design and lifestyle bloggers out there about BlogPodium on Sept. 21 here in Toronto. It's a fantastic conference, and this year it's an all-day affair. Yours truly will be speaking at one of the sessions, and there are plenty of other fabulous presenters lined up, including Sarah Richardson. As a treat for all my readers, I'm able to extend a 10% discount off registration. Purchase tickets here and enter the code blogpodium10. Hope to see you there!

BlogPodium 2013

Here are the top three posts from August:

+ Give the Gift of a DIY Kit. For the crafters and makers in your life: a gift to get their creative juices flowing.

Pinterest Picks: How to Wrap Cash, DIY Wrapping Paper + More. This renamed column is full of inspiring ideas this time around.

Cheese + Crackers = A Delicious Host Gift. Looking for an alternative to a bottle of wine? Package it right and this yummy combo makes an appreciated host gift.

Monthly Wrap-Up: July


bright ribbon stackThe end of July — eek! Only one more month to cram in any summer plans you haven't gotten to yet. I'm going to have to work especially hard to squeeze out every ounce of fun from August this year: the big news in my life is that I'll be having a baby this fall (!), so this is my last childless summer to kick up my heels and go (alcohol-fee) crazy. Of course, summers for me usually mean spending a lot of time lounging on my back porch and generally being lazy. Maybe my plan should be to just chill and enjoy the quite and solitude while I can. Here are the top three posts from July:

Cash + Gift Cards Don’t Have to be a Lame Present. One easy way to turn this "last-minute" present into a real gift.

Tissue Paper: Add a Whole New Layer to your Gift Wrapping. Think tissue paper is just for filling bags and boxes? There's a whole world of tissue types and wrapping options.

Inaluxe’s Cheerful Australian Wrapping Paper. Vibrant birds and flowers from Down Under.

Monthly Wrap-Up


Blue giftWell that's it for Wedding Month on the Corinna Wraps blog for another year! I hope that whether you'll be attending a wedding or are the one getting married, that you've found some inspiring ideas. And if you missed anything, you can find all Wedding Month posts here. In other news this month, the lineup of speakers for September's BlogPodium was announced — and I'm one of them! On Sept. 21, at the Hyatt Regency here in Toronto, I'll be sharing what I've learned as a magazine editor, writer and stylist, and how it all applies to making a better blog. If you're a design blogger, be sure to get a ticket — the BlogPodium conference is an amazing opportunity to be inspired, learn new things about blogging, and meets lots of amazing bloggers. The early bird deadline has been extended, so you still have until July 10 to get a reduced price on tickets.

Here are the top three posts from June:

My Wrap Stash: Patterned Papers from The Paper Place. Check out what I scored at my favourite paper store during its big sale.

A Literary Wedding Favour for Writers. I had a lot of fun making these thank you favours for a good friend — and I think they were a brilliant idea, given who the bride and groom were.

Packaged Goods: A Romantic Antique-Style Wedding Gift. The Packaged Goods column returns, with a gift wrapping concept inspired by the floral work of Living Fresh.

Holiday Wrap-Up Pt. 3: My Wrap Stash, Christmas Haul


Most of the time, wrapping materials get used up on the outside of presents, but lucky me, I found a few supplies under the tree this Christmas, including these treasures: BakersTwine_gridTape

A dozen rolls of coloured bakers twine and a roll of grid-patterned fabric tape.


Four fun little fuzzy tufts, with adhesive backings so I can attach them easily to gifts.


Glitter tape in black and aqua, velvet ribbon in lavender on a vintage-style wooden spool, and soft blue tissue (the colour is more unusual than it looks here).


Tiny brass scissors, a clear acrylic tape dispenser, and patterned cellophane tape in polka dots and lace.

Lucky me! Can't wait to use them all!

My Wrap Stash: Metal Feathers


metal feathers Ok, so I'm not making any commitments here, but I think this might be a new column.

Last Sunday I was out and about, having a lazy stroll after an impromptu brunch, wandering in and out of shops along West Queen West here in Toronto. In one antique/vintage furniture store, Symbolist, I found these amazing metal feathers. I'm not sure what kind of metal they are — tin or pewter or something — but they're from a lighting factory. Maybe they were elements of a chandelier? Or an embossing mold for paper or fabric? Symbolist had dozens of them, though a friend who went back to get her own on Tuesday says the store was down to only a handful.

I think the feathers are supercool and will make some stylish gift toppers. I just had to share them with you. ...which got me thinking... Maybe I should share with you the wrapping treasures I find on a regular basis. What do you think? Are you interested in seeing what papers, ribbons and various other sundries I collect?