Friday Find: Grid Gift Tag Stickers

Grid gift tag stickers from Letter C Design Shipping tag shape, graph pattern, a sticker — this gift label is so much more than the sum of its parts. Graph shipping tag stickers (1.75" x 3"), $5 US per package of 10 (2 each of 5 colours), Letter C Design.

Friday Find: Fabric Sticker Paper


Fabric sticker sheet I stopped by The Paper Place this afternoon to check out their super sale (don't miss it — tons of great deals this week!), and I came across this fabulous fabric sticker paper from Korean company Daily Like. The entire sheet is fabric with an adhesive back so you can cut any-shape sticker you want. It comes in several pretty patterns, including this floral one, which is my favourite. I got caught up in looking at the sale items, but I'm going to have to go back and get this — can't stop thinking of it!

Dinosaur Ribbon Just Right for a Child's Gift


Dinosaur ribbon gift Many times when buying ribbons and papers (some of which you can see in My Wrap Stash posts), I don’t have a specific purpose for them. I purchase what I like when I see it, and hoard it away until a time when it’s just the right thing for a specific present.

That’s what happened in the case of this graphic dinosaur ribbon. I bought a few yards of it about a year ago, not knowing whose gift it would adorn, but knowing that I just had to have it. When it came time to wrap a present for a friend’s child, I finally had a reason to pull out the dinosaurs.

This is how I wrap many of my gifts: start with one element and build the look around that. With the dinosaur ribbon as my jumping off point, the next task was to find paper and embellishments to match.

I try to use up the materials I have in my studio as much as possible (with my buying habits, I have to!). This can limit my choices, but it's often how one ends up with a more interesting end result, as it forces you to be creative and try combinations you may not have considered otherwise.

I started by trying to find a paper from my piles to coordinate with the ribbon, but I wasn’t having any luck, so moved on to my boxes of stickers and labels. In them was one of a collection of Angela Adams–designed labels, with a psychedelic orange and blue pattern that worked with the ribbon. After adding a gold monogram sticker (the first letter of the child’s name), the only thing left was to find paper to complete the look. In the end, I settled on plain kraft paper. It works well, but looking back I wonder if a glossy white or another tone of blue might have popped more.

Regardless, I think the final result was suitably kid appropriate without being tacky. I know the father loved it!

Sources*: Dinosaur ribbon, Sussman’s (Toronto). Angela Adams label, Chronicle Books. Gold monogram sticker (part of complete alphabet set), Staples.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen
* Items might not currently be available.

My Wrap Stash: Deals at Target, Dollarama & Creative Bag


Over the last month, I've scored some sweet deals on wrapping supplies: Tissue paper and glassine bags from Creative Bag

From Creative Bag, I got small glassine bags, $0.20 for a package of 10 (that's two cents each!); and tissue paper in multi-coloured zig-zags, army green, and wide black-and-white stripes, $0.99 each.

Blue box, purple glitter bag and pink gift tags from Creative Bag

Also from Creative Bag: blue gift box, $1.45; purple glitter gift bag (and the glitter doesn't come off all over the place!), $0.95; pink gift tags, $1 for a package of 10.

Paper roses from Dollarama

At Dollarama, I found these sweet blue paper roses, which have an adhesive backing to them, for $1.

Grosgrain ribbon from Dollarama

Also at Dollarama, I found a selection of spring-coloured grosgrain ribbons, $1 per roll (the wider width has 12 feet on each roll; the thinner width, 15 feet).

Tissue paper from Target

And on our first trip to a Canadian Target location, I picked up four packages of fun-patterned tissue paper for $0.99 each...

Wrapping paper from Target well as three rolls of wrapping paper. Two of the rolls were $2.99 each and one roll was $4.49, though I don't recall which was which.

+ Photography and styling by Corinna vanGerwen

A So-Simple Yet So-Sophisticated Way to Personalize a Gift


White Letters on White Wrap The next time you're in a rush to wrap something, or you can't be bothered to get all fancy (hey, even us wrapping obsessed get tired sometimes), go with this quick yet designer-look solution: create a monogram using stick-on letters.

Stock up on adhesive alphabets from the office supply store or the scrapbooking section of a crafts store, and you'll always have everyone's initials on hand. Wrap the present in paper, then attach the letters to the front. Use contrasting letters or try tone-on-tone like you see here, where a matte C and S stand out against glossy paper. Play with placement before sticking the letters in their final positions.


+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

This Week on Pinterest

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Two DIY projects and a smart wrapping tip for you this week:

* DIY neon-dotted wrapping paper. By Chelsea Fuss on Project Wedding. Cover kraft paper with neon dot stickers from the office supply store (full instructions on Project Wedding). Simple, quick and dramatic.

* Upcycled toilet-paper tubes as pillow boxes. By Jessica Christman on Factory Direct Craft. Cover tubes with decorative paper and fold in the ends.

* Built-in card pocket. From Martha Stewart Living. Before wrapping a gift, fold the paper to create a pocket for the card, so it doesn't get separated from the present.

Glitter-Dot Box


Glitter-Dot Box, detail In last week's No-Glue, No-Sew, 3D Paper Dot Garland post, you may have noticed the glitter-dot box sitting on the shelf beneath the DIY party decorations. To make it, I took some of the leftover dots from the garland and stuck them in a random pattern onto a kraft cardboard box. Stickers are a really fast and easy way to dress up a plain box.

I used a 1 1/4" circle punch to cut the dots from a sheet of adhesive glitter paper (found in the craft section of the dollar store). If you want to place the dots over the edges like I did, put the gift in the box first; otherwise you can attach the stickers to the box before assembling.

Glitter-Dot Box with cat

P.S. There are still spots in my Cookie Exchange & Packaging workshop next Wednesday. If you're in the Toronto area and love baking, bring a batch of cookies and learn how to package them in lots of pretty ways. Visit The Paper Place website for more details or call 416-703-0089 to register.

Beyond the Box: No-Glue, No-Sew 3D Paper Dot Garland


3D paper dot garland Every so often, I like to share with you ways to use wrapping paper that don't have to do with, well, wrapping a present. This 3D paper dot garland — a cheerful, homemade party decoration — is made from gift wrap, sticker paper and embroidery floss, and is super easy to make. Once you get the hang of putting it together, completing the garland is mindless, repetitive work that can be done while watching t.v.

Now that I have these ones made, I'm going to have to throw a party so I can use them! Find the how-to after the break.

3D paper dot garland: materials


  • A variety of wrapping paper, either new or used; this is a great project for using up scraps of your favourite papers. I also used wallpaper for my garland; any type of paper will do, though.
  • Sticker paper. I used a selection of plain pinks as well as adhesive glitter papers, which I found at the dollar store. If you can't find a colour or pattern that you like, print your own onto adhesive sheets.
  • Embroidery thread. Thin ribbon, twine or string will also work.

How To

  1. Using a  1 1/4"  or larger circle punch, punch out lots of circles from the paper and sticker papers, keeping the paper circles separate from the sticker circles. (If you don't have a circle punch, you can also trace circle onto the back of the paper using a pencil and a round object, then cut them out with scissors, but this will take a lot longer.) You'll need 2 paper circles and 2 sticker circles to build each 3D dot. I mixed all my paper circles together and selected them at random to create a random pattern along the garland. I kept the plain pink stickers separate from the glitter stickers and used one of each for each dot so they all had a little sparkle.
  2. Fold all the paper circles in half, face to face (so the good side is "inside the book").3D Paper Dot Garland: in progress, Step 3
  3. Remove the back of a sticker circle. Attach half of one paper circle to one side, then half of a second paper circle to the second side, aligning the circles as closely as possible.3D Paper Dot Garland: in progress, Step 4
  4. Place the thread along the seam of the two half paper circles, then attach a second sticker circle, securing the thread between the four circles.
  5. Fold the sticker circles in half along the seams of the paper circles so the four wings of each dot stick out.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each dot, placing the dots equal distance along the thread until you have a garland your desired length. I placed my dots about 3" apart.
  7. Hang and party on!

3D Paper Dot Garland, detail


Adapt the design to suit any colour palette or party theme, using paper and thread in the colours and patterns of your choice. You can also use any paper — for example, try old maps, pages from books or magazines, or scrapbooking paper. For the stickers, you could print out a message or images onto adhesive paper sheets to customize the garland even further.

This Week on Pinterest

Pinterest LogoJewel stickers to seal tissue-wrapped packages. From The Vamoose blog. According to the comments on The Vamoose blog, these stickers were actually cut from a decorative tape from Nonesuch Things. Unfortunately it looks like they don't carry it anymore. Next best thing: go the DIY route and print out images of jewels onto sticker paper. * Toilet paper rolls as wrapping paper cuffs, to keep the paper from loosening on the roll and getting damaged. By Joy Huish Astle on Finding Joy. This is a brilliant idea. Brilliant. I wish I had thought of it.

* Baby shower gift styled to look like sushi. By Jolene on Creative Dollar. Jolene took various baby items such as socks, wash cloths and onesies, and rolled them together to look like sushi, and arranged them all on a "sushi" plate. A very fun way to add pizazz to a budget gift (her total: $17).

* DIY geometric favour boxes. By Michaela and Lotta of Hey Look on Ruffled.

Friday Find: Martha Stewart Home Office Supplies


Martha Stewart Office Supplies Martha's done it again, bringing her signature style to a line of Martha Stewart brand home office goodies available at Staples. I always love shopping office supply stores for interesting wrapping materials like labels, and now I'm going to have even more fun. I couldn't choose just one of Martha's products to show you, so here's a selection of my faves for gift wrapping (there is so much more, though, so go take a look!).

FOR GIFT TAGS & LABELS: (1) Medium paper tags, $2.99 per package of 12 assorted colours; (4) brown kraft labels 72429, $3.99 per package of 36; (5) ElastiNote tag, $4.99 per package of 6; (6) chalkboard labels 72413, $5.99 per package of 6; (8) textured oval labels 72443 in Eggshell with Blue Border, $3.99 per package of 12.

AS GIFT BOXES: (2) Stack+Fit shagreen small Item Holder with lid (12-1/2"W x 2-1/2"D x 1-7/8”H), $8.99; (7) Stack+Fit shagreen small box with lid (4-3/4”W x 4-1/4”D x 1-3/4”H), $5.99.

IN PLACE OF RIBBON: (3) Fabric elastic bands in blue and grey, $3.99 per package of 2.

1 Easy Way to Decorate Wine Bottles


This post was first published in Corinna’s monthly Gift Wrapping Newsletter. Sign up here! Wine Bottles Decorated with Stickers

When you’ve been invited to dinner or to a party, the expectation is that you bring a bottle of wine. But you can’t leave it in the liquor store bag (not very classy). And you don’t want to go all out and wrap it, either; it’s not so much a gift as a token Thank You for having you over.

For a quick and easy way to make the bottle more festive without going overboard, add a few stickers. Once you have the stickers on hand, it takes all of 90 seconds to decorate a bottle. Here, I spelled out cheers with adhesive letters on one, wrote a message on an office label for another, and went with gold stars on the third.

You can find all sorts of stickers at dollar stores, toy stores and in the scrapbooking section of crafts stores. Choose something appropriate to the occasion and stick away!