My Wrap Stash

My Wrap Stash: 4 Papers


Papers from Rifle Paper Co. and Mokuba I picked up this textured teal "paper" ( it's more fabric-like than paper-like) from luxe ribbon store Mokuba. Beneath it is Rifle Paper Co.'s Happy Stripes wrap.

Papers from Hanji

These two papers — a pearlized alligator texture in ivory and an eggplant and silver filigree — are both from Hanji.

+ Photography by Corinna vanGerwen

My Wrap Stash: Bunny Gift Tags


bunny gift tags Last weekend I picked up these charming bunny tags from the sale shelf at café and homewares store La Merceria. The paper tags are double-sided, with a different pattern on each side. The packaging was minimal, so it's hard to be certain, but I believe they're from Danish company Maileg, which makes some enchanting children's toys.

My Wrap Stash: Patterned Papers from The Paper Place


Lokta papers from The Paper Place When your favourite neighbourhood paper store is having a big sale, it's hard to resist splurging. But I'm very proud of myself; last week I bought only eight sheets of paper — six for $10, and two not on sale. Above are two lokta papers (the third I got is one I've bought before) and below are some Italian papers I've been coveting for ages. I believe The Paper Place's sale ends tomorrow, so if you're near Toronto's West Queen West, it's worth stopping by to see if there are any deals left.

Italian wrapping paper from The Paper Place

+ Photography by Corinna vanGerwen

My Wrap Stash: Deals at Target, Dollarama & Creative Bag


Over the last month, I've scored some sweet deals on wrapping supplies: Tissue paper and glassine bags from Creative Bag

From Creative Bag, I got small glassine bags, $0.20 for a package of 10 (that's two cents each!); and tissue paper in multi-coloured zig-zags, army green, and wide black-and-white stripes, $0.99 each.

Blue box, purple glitter bag and pink gift tags from Creative Bag

Also from Creative Bag: blue gift box, $1.45; purple glitter gift bag (and the glitter doesn't come off all over the place!), $0.95; pink gift tags, $1 for a package of 10.

Paper roses from Dollarama

At Dollarama, I found these sweet blue paper roses, which have an adhesive backing to them, for $1.

Grosgrain ribbon from Dollarama

Also at Dollarama, I found a selection of spring-coloured grosgrain ribbons, $1 per roll (the wider width has 12 feet on each roll; the thinner width, 15 feet).

Tissue paper from Target

And on our first trip to a Canadian Target location, I picked up four packages of fun-patterned tissue paper for $0.99 each...

Wrapping paper from Target well as three rolls of wrapping paper. Two of the rolls were $2.99 each and one roll was $4.49, though I don't recall which was which.

+ Photography and styling by Corinna vanGerwen

Holiday Wrap-Up Pt. 3: My Wrap Stash, Christmas Haul


Most of the time, wrapping materials get used up on the outside of presents, but lucky me, I found a few supplies under the tree this Christmas, including these treasures: BakersTwine_gridTape

A dozen rolls of coloured bakers twine and a roll of grid-patterned fabric tape.


Four fun little fuzzy tufts, with adhesive backings so I can attach them easily to gifts.


Glitter tape in black and aqua, velvet ribbon in lavender on a vintage-style wooden spool, and soft blue tissue (the colour is more unusual than it looks here).


Tiny brass scissors, a clear acrylic tape dispenser, and patterned cellophane tape in polka dots and lace.

Lucky me! Can't wait to use them all!

My Wrap Stash: Ribbons, Paper + More


Here's a selection of several wrapping purchases I've made over the past month. Sale Ribbons from Designer Fabrics

These ribbons were a steal, found in a sale bin at Designer Fabrics. The two black ribbons (which I think are actually seam binding), were just $2 each per role. The ivory satin ribbon was $5 for 100 yards. Score!

Herringbone and polka-dot wrapping papers

I am so, so in love with this herringbone paper from The Paper Place. I've already used this sheet up on a gift for my dad (the whole family was ooing and awing over the paper), and I'll share a photo of that with you soon. The gold polka-dot paper is from Hanji, a great paper store in Koreatown.

Mini kraft envelopes

I picked up these mini kraft envelopes from Michael's. I've already found these envelopes handy for slipping gift receipts into.

Tissue-paper squares

Do you remember as a kid making craft projects by wrapping a square of tissue around a pencil end and dipping it in glue, then attaching it to paper? I think that's what these tissue-paper squares are for. I found them at the dollar store. Have no idea what I'll do with them, but I think they're neat.

+ Styling and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

My Wrap Stash: Coloured Raffia


Colored raffia So apparently I needed a blogging break in August. My apologies for the unscheduled hiatus, but I'm back! I hope you had a fabulous summer.

To kick off September, I thought I'd share my latest wrapping acquisition: turquoise and green raffia from DeSerres. It was a steal for $1 each in the clearance section. I picked up some other things that day too, but I'll share those once I get them photographed.

My Wrap Stash: Pearl River Paper


Pearl River Papers Added these lovely silkscreened papers to my collection yesterday, courtesy of my thoughtful friend E., who brought them back from her trip down to New York. They're from the fabulous Pearl River — a store full of treasures. Judging from the texture, I believe they're lokta paper from Nepal.

My Wrap Stash: Metal Feathers


metal feathers Ok, so I'm not making any commitments here, but I think this might be a new column.

Last Sunday I was out and about, having a lazy stroll after an impromptu brunch, wandering in and out of shops along West Queen West here in Toronto. In one antique/vintage furniture store, Symbolist, I found these amazing metal feathers. I'm not sure what kind of metal they are — tin or pewter or something — but they're from a lighting factory. Maybe they were elements of a chandelier? Or an embossing mold for paper or fabric? Symbolist had dozens of them, though a friend who went back to get her own on Tuesday says the store was down to only a handful.

I think the feathers are supercool and will make some stylish gift toppers. I just had to share them with you. ...which got me thinking... Maybe I should share with you the wrapping treasures I find on a regular basis. What do you think? Are you interested in seeing what papers, ribbons and various other sundries I collect?