DIY Alphabet-Bead Gift Decoration

Say It with Beads: Beaded message gift wrapping |

This was a gift to my sister when she graduated her master's program.

I found the coloured letter beads at a dollar store. I've seen them in black and white, but this was the first time I've been able to find a rainbow of colours.

You can spell any message you'd like – like "Happy Birthday" or "Bon Voyage" – or spell out the name of the recipient in place of getting a card. For multi-word messages, use a coloured bead as a spacer between words.

Say It with Beads: Beaded message gift wrapping |


  • Kraft paper
  • Letter beads
  • Clear elastic thread


  1. Wrap gift in kraft paper.
  2. Thread letter beads onto clear elastic thread to spell a message or the recipient's name. Use coloured beads as spacers for multi-word messages. Knot the thread at either end to keep letters together.
  3. Tie the elastic thread around the package.