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Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift-Wrapped Wine This is an outtake from an editorial job I did last year. I'm quite fond of it and am kinda bummed it didn't make the final cut, but that's the way styling goes — what works in concept or in your sketchbook doesn't always translate on camera or onto the magazine page.

Moms, though, they love you outtakes and all (#seewhatididthere?). So here's to all you moms out there; thank you for your unconditional love. I hope you have a fabulous mother's day — one that includes a moment of quiet with a glass of your favourite drink. Cheers


Easter Gift Wrapping Tips on House & Home

Easter Gift | HandH-easterOnce again the wonderful folks at House & Home decided to interview me for some gift-wrapping ideas. This time I'm sharing some Easter-themed ideas and tips. Some I've shared here before, but there are some new ideas too. Check it out here.

Pinterest Picks: Valentine's Day Edition

A selection of gift wrapping ideas, inspiration and products, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Printable Army-Man Valentine. By Liz on Love and Marriage and a Baby Carriage. It's nice to see a Valentine that isn't all pink, red and hearts.

2. DIY Arrow Treat Bags. By Erin Lepperd on Style Me Pretty. A nice idea for homebaked treats.

3. DIY Stitched Gift Box. By Camilla Fabbri on Family Chic. I love the heart, but also love the idea of stitching any pattern onto a box top. Imagine XOX for Valentine's Day, or colourful circles for another occasion. And if you're super skilled at embroidery, you could make an amazing design.

4. Printable Valentine's Day gift tags. By Bre on Bre Purposed. Of course, nothing says you can't use these tags for non-Valentine gifts.

5. Printable Valentine's Day wrapping paper. From For the Makers on The Source. Four cute patterns: tiny heart gift wrap, painted brick gift wrap, matchstick gift wrap (my fave) and sugarpie gift wrap.

Visit my Valentine's Gift Wrapping board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Instagram Love (15 Jan. 2016)

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a New Year's resolution, but I've decided to spend more time on Instagram. (Is spending more time on social media a worthy resolution?) I'm falling out of love with Twitter, have never liked Facebook (sill love Pinterest, though!) and I feel like there are so many beautiful and inspiring photos to see on Instagram. So, in the first in what I hope to make a regular feature here on the Corinna Wraps blog, I'm sharing a few images I've double-tapped recently. (Click each one to view on Instagram.) And, don't forget to follow me on Instagram, and tag your photos #giftstylist. I'll regram my favourites and post the best ones here on my blog.







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Holiday Gift Wrapping Inspiration on Pinterest

Christmas Gift Wrapping | Corinna vanGerwen on PinterestGift Wrapping & Packaging | Corinna vanGerwen on Pinterest Brown Paper Packages | Corinna vanGerwen on PinterestFood & Drink Gift Wrapping & Packaging | Corinna vanGerwen on Pinterest

Finished your holiday shopping yet? Yeah, me neither. (Sick of everyone asking that question? Yeah, me too.)

Once you are done and you get to start the fun part — the gift wrapping! — don't forget that you'll find tons of inspiration not just here on the Corinna Wraps blog, but also by following me on Pinterest.

I've created a new Christmas Gift Wrapping board just for the season, plus there's my extensive Gift Wrap and Packaging board. If you're fond of kraft paper, check out my Brown Paper Packages board. And if you have wine or home-baked goodies to wrap, you'll want to peruse my Food & Drink Gift Wrapping & Packaging board for ideas on how to make a nice presentation.

I'll be pinning lots over the next couple of weeks, so check back often!

How to Make Gift Wrapping Stress Free — My Tips on House &

7 Tips To Make Holiday Gift Wrapping Stress-Free Check it! I'm thrilled to be featured on House & sharing my tips on how to make gift wrapping stress-free this holiday season. There are some real gems in the story, if I do say so myself!

Special thanks to writer and editor Stacy Lee Kong for thinking of me and inviting me to share my tips with House & Home readers.

New Pinterest Board: Brown Paper Packages


Brown Paper Packages | Follow Corinna vanGerwen's board on Pinterest A small FYI for all you Pinners out there looking for more gift wrapping inspiration: I've started adding more gift wrapping boards to my collection. In addition to my general Gift Wrap and Packaging board, I've also created a pin board for Brown Paper Packages (there's just so many great ideas for wrapping with kraft paper!) as well as one filled with ideas on how to wrap foods and drinks.

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A Sculptural Gift Topper for a Unique Gift


Red and white gift with sculptural topper | This present was for a friend of mine whose sense of style is confident and ecclectic. I wanted to wrap it in a unique way that reflected her mastery of combining high art with folk art. My aim was to create a package that was crafty without being rustic — something that looked refined.

The jumping off point was the Nepalese lokta paper — the “bean” pattern is one I knew my friend would like, in a colour that I associate with her.

Ribbon didn’t seem to suit the paper, so I chose a micro-thin red elastic instead, winding it around the gift several times to bulk up its visual weight, then tying a double bow.

For the topper, I made a sculptural piece using craft supplies — dyed red matchsticks and white felted wool rings. I kept it small so as not to compete with the paper, but tried to make sure it wouldn't get lost among the pattern.

This packaging is definitely not something you’d see anywhere else.

What do you think? Did I achieve the crafty refined look I was after?

Red and white gift with sculptural topper |

Pinterest Picks: Gold Leaf Gift Tags, Sewn Pillow Boxes + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas, inspiration and products, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Calendars wrapped in glassine, secured with washi tape. From Satsuma Press. One simple strip of tape is such a nice detail.

2. Boxed rice cakes. Photo by Genevieve A. via Flickr. I love how precious these rice cakes are, packaged individually and then lined up in a box. I'm totally stealing this idea.

3. DIY machine-embroidered pillow boxes. By Lova Blåvarg on Sweet Paul. To be honest, I don't know if I'd be capable of making these (such detailed sewing!), but I love the sketchy result.

4. DIY gold leaf gift tags. By Lauren on the Thrifty Ginger. I'd recommend using cardstock instead of paper for these.

5. DIY bird favour box. By Maxine of Tulle Box Designs on Wedding Chicks. Personalize a plain truffle box with a shape punch and foil paper.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Father's Day Gift Wrapping with Feathers

Father's Day gift: wrapped wine bottle with feather gift topper | Sometimes a gig comes along that you enjoy so much, you spend maybe a little longer working on it than what you're getting paid for.

You can see the results of just such a job in the Early Summer 2015 issue of Food & Drink. In it, I styled four bottles of various wines and spirits for a story about gift giving for the special occasions of the season — Mother's Day, Victoria Day, Father's Day and a wedding. Three of the four bottles (actually, I wrapped eight for the shoot) made it to the final shot, including the bottle above.

This is how I wrapped a bottle of wine for Father's Day: Wrinkled and weathered kraft paper, folded and twisted around the shape of the bottle. A gift tag hung loosely over the neck. Flat leather cord wound and tied casually, with ends left long. To top it off, I made a dashing (if I say so myself) feather gift topper. I combined natural and vibrantly-dyed feathers together, binding their tips with a shock of green tissue.

Perfect for Dad, no?

5 Colourful Ways to Wrap Presents

To celebrate the first hints of spring (which can't get here fast enough, as far as I'm concerned), here's a rainbow of bright gift wrapping ideas from the Corinna Wraps archives. Click the links to read more.

1. DIY seed packets made from your favourite wrapping paper are a sweet way to share seeds from your own garden and make great gifts for garden lovers, Mother's Day or hostess gifts.

2. A clear box shows off coloured wood-fibre grass fill. With Easter around the corner, it's a good time to find colourful basket fills at the dollar store.

3. Shizen Design handmade papers are silkscreened in lush colours.

4. DIY gift tags made using food colouring — a good craft to do while you have your Easter egg decorating supplies out.

5. DIY stencilled treat bag — try with an Easter message and fill with sweets.


A Figure-Skating–Inspired Gift for a Nine-Year-Old

Figure skating–inspired gift for a nine-year-old | I'm not very good at picking out gifts for nine-year-old girls (I leave that job to my sister); however, I think I'm pretty good at wrapping them. The girl whom this gift was for is into competitive figure skating, so I used that as inspiration for the wrapping.

The bag/box is one that I've held on to from an H&M (maybe Urban Outfitters?) purchase a few years ago. The dots simultaneously remind me of falling snowflakes and the sequins of figure-skating costumes sparkling under the spotlights.

To embellish the gift, I used a couple of feathers and a strip of glitter tape. The neon gift tag adds just the right bit of discordant ugly.

And while the nine-year-old didn't spend much time admiring the wrapping before tearing into it, I was very happy with the results. Score 10 in my books.

Pinterest Picks: Free Printables, Subtle Valentines + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas, inspiration and products, as discovered on Pinterest.  

1. Soap packaging. From Humunuku Shoppe (item no longer available). I love the idea of covering one entire side of a gift with a label.

2. Graphic-patterned chocolate- and salmon-coloured wrapping paper set. From Froh & Frau. This colour and pattern combo are super on trend these days.

3. Kraft, black and gold paper goods. From The Stationery Boutique. With Valentine motifs like hearts and arrows, you don't need pink or red.

4. DIY doughnut Valentines with free downloadable printable gift tags. By Gabrielle Blair on Design Mom. Instead of chocolate, why not give doughnuts for Valentine's Day this year?

5. Valentine envelopes/treat bags (free downloadable printable). By Kristen on Ella Claire. Vintage romantic charm.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.


Feather gift wrap | Feathers — hot in fashion, jewelry, home decor, stationery... Whether real or as a motif, feathers are everywhere. Including on gift wrapping.

This is one of those gifts that came together over a long and slow period, despite feathers being a current trend. I bought the paper years ago, and I picked up the metal feather topper back in June 2012. I like the contrast of the metal feather and the real feather, as well as the combination of different metallics (the silver-colour topper, the gold feather print on the paper and the copper-coloured cord).

I have so many sheets of paper, various toppers and miscellaneous bits and pieces hoarded away, it was nice to finally make use of some of my wrap stash.


+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

Pinterest Picks: DIY Bunny Pouch, Snowflake Gift Toppers + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas, inspiration and products, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Blue Stanton Gift Wrapping Cart. From The Home Depot. If you're serious about gift wrapping, You have to have a wrapping station. This cart has a spot for everything and would look very nice in the corner of a craft room.

2. Yarn and stars gift wrapping. By Manuela on Pink Frilly Handmade. I've always loved yarn as a substitute for ribbon. Paired with polka dots and stars as it is here gives it even more homespun charm.

3. Drawstring bags. From Between the Lines. While these particular bags are no longer available on the Between the Lines Etsy Shop, if you like to sew, you could easily whip up your own version. I just love the black and white pattern combo.

4. Bunny Pouch. By Merrilee on Mer Mag. Download the template and you can make your own crazy adorable reusable felt bunny pouches. (These are seriously up there with cute cat photos for me.)

5. Patterned paper bags. From Petra Boase at Not on the High Street. Love the mix of bag and washi tape patterns and colours.

6. DIY paper snowflake gift toppers. By Silvia on Giochi di Carta. Add some three-dimensionality to paper snowflakes by doing an accordion fold and all of a sudden they're not your kid's craft project anymore.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging Pinterest board for more ideas.

Happy Father's Day


Father's Day gift: Red kraft paper with blue bakers twine, grid fabric tape and wood tag | Corinna Wraps My Dad cut some tree branches into thin slices for me to use as gift tags, so it seemed only appropriate that I use one on my Father's Day gift to him. The rest of the gift I kept simple — and I stayed away from a "natural" or "woodsy" theme. Instead, I used red kraft paper (a steal from Ikea last year, maybe the year before), blue baker's twine and some grid-patterned fabric tape. To show off the tape, I wrapped the gift with the seam on the front instead of the back.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!


Father's Day gift: Red kraft paper with blue bakers twine, grid fabric tape and wood tag | Corinna Wraps

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

When Bringing Cake to the Party, Wrap it Like a Gift


Cake and Chocolate | Corinna Wraps What's a party without cake? If you're the one tasked with bringing the dessert, wrap it up special so it's recognized as the gift that it is.

If you've made the cake, first put it on a cake board and into a cake box (both available at Bulk Barn, Michael's and other stores that cary cake making supplies). Next, tie with a pretty ribbon and add a topper — I used blue grosgrain ribbon and some origami flowers. For an extra treat, I added a gourmet lavender chocolate bar.

Now you won't need to bring the cake and a gift!