A Figure-Skating–Inspired Gift for a Nine-Year-Old

Figure skating–inspired gift for a nine-year-old | CorinnaWraps.wordpress.com I'm not very good at picking out gifts for nine-year-old girls (I leave that job to my sister); however, I think I'm pretty good at wrapping them. The girl whom this gift was for is into competitive figure skating, so I used that as inspiration for the wrapping.

The bag/box is one that I've held on to from an H&M (maybe Urban Outfitters?) purchase a few years ago. The dots simultaneously remind me of falling snowflakes and the sequins of figure-skating costumes sparkling under the spotlights.

To embellish the gift, I used a couple of feathers and a strip of glitter tape. The neon gift tag adds just the right bit of discordant ugly.

And while the nine-year-old didn't spend much time admiring the wrapping before tearing into it, I was very happy with the results. Score 10 in my books.