DIY Peekaboo Matchbook Valentine

DIY peekaboo Matchbook Valentine |

How come no one gives out Valentines anymore? A card from your husband, maybe one from your mom or sister... I think Valentine’s Day is too much about romantic love and not enough about caring in general. So, here’s a sweet DIY Valentine that includes a packet of treats — a token of affection suitable for everyone you adore.

DIY peekaboo Matchbook Valentine (Materials) |


  • Cardstock
  • Cellophane treat bag
  • Cinnamon hearts or other candy
  • X-Acto knife or scissors
  • Ruler
  • Bone folder
  • Circle punch (optional)
  • Stapler
  • Embellishments / decorations (optional)


DIY peekaboo Matchbook Valentine (step 1) |

1. Cut cardstock into a strip large enough to fold around the cellophane bag: It should be about ¼ to ½ inch wider than the bag; the length should be double, plus an extra ¼ to ½ inch. Before cutting, consider trimming the height of the bag to the desired size, including enough for folding the top closed.

DIY peekaboo Matchbook Valentine (step 2) |

2. Measure and, using the bone folder, score 1 inch from one end of the cardstock, then fold over. Bring the opposite end halfway over the 1-inch fold, aligning the edges, and fold. Use the bone folder for create sharp folds.

3. Fill bag with cinnamon hearts (don’t overfill). Fold over the opening of the bag and staple it between the back and 1-inch fold-over. Keep the staples at least halfway away from the cut edge.

4. Make a window in the front of the card by punching a hole with the circle punch. (You can also use an X-Acto knife or scissors.)

5. Decorate card as desired. I used washi tape to hide the staples, and stamped Happy Valentine’s on the front. Close the Valentine by sliding the longer end under the 1-inch fold-over — like a matchbook — then give to someone you admire.

DIY peekaboo Matchbook Valentine (detail) |
DIY peekaboo Matchbook Valentine |