Jewelry Gift Box Makeover

Gift box makeover When you’re giving someone a necklace as a gift, you want the box it comes in to be just as special as the jewelry. But sometimes the box from the store is damaged, dirty or simply has a tacky image or logo on top — even if you wrap it, the recipient will still see the ugliness when they open it. To prevent that, give the box a simple makeover by covering the top in pretty paper. Add a coordinating insert to prevent the necklace from sliding around inside, and you have a gift box they’ll treasure.

Materials + Tools

+ Jewelry gift box with cotton batting inside + Cardstock + Decorative paper + Pencil + Ruler + Craft knife and/or scissors + Hole punch + Glue stick + Ribbon

Gift box makeover: Step 1

How To

1. Cut the cardstock to fit inside the box. The easiest way to do this is to start by tracing around the box with a pencil, then measure the thickness of the box walls and subtract that amount on all sides of the rectangle you just drew. Use a ruler and pencil to draw your new, smaller rectangle, then cut using a craft knife (or scissors) and a ruler. You may need to trim the cardstock further until it fits.

2. Punch two holes about 1/4 inch in from the top edge of the cardstock. (Measure and mark first with a pencil to ensure they’re even.) If the chain of the necklace is especially fine, consider using a 1/8-inch hole punch. Next, snip from the edge to each hole to create a slot.

3. Thread the chain of the necklace through the two holes, then place the card in the gift box, adjusting the position of the necklace as needed.

Gift box makeover: step 4

4. Similarly to what you’ve done with the cardstock in Step 1, cut the decorative paper to fit the box top. First trace the box, then cut slightly smaller so the paper doesn’t fold over the edges (trim as necessary). The handmade paper I used has a nice deckle edge along one side, so I kept that as a feature instead of cutting it off.

Gift box makeover: step 5

5. Glue the paper to the box top. The best glue for this is glue stick, as white glue or anything with more water in it will cause the paper to bubble.

6. Close the box and tie with a complementary ribbon. Your necklace is now ready for gift giving!


+ Necklace by Logan A. Wilson + Papers from The Japanese Paper Place + Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen