Tissue Paper: Add a Whole New Layer to your Gift Wrapping


layering tissue paper: Wine bottle wrapped in two layers of tissue and band of patterned paper When working with tissue papers, the layering possibilities are endless.

First, let me clarify what I mean by tissues: I’m not talking only about the basic plain tissue you first think of, though I do include it in this category. There are also lace papers and watermark tissues, open weaves and spun fibres, plus so many others. When I speak of tissue, I mean any semi-transparent paper that allows you to see through to what’s underneath.

That translucency is exactly what makes layering with these papers so interesting. A pink tissue over a red paper will have a completely different look than pink over white, for example. You can achieve a great variety of effects — soft, bold, colourful, muted... — simply by changing up the colour underneath. Add in a texture or pattern, and wow!, even more varied results.

For example, take this wine bottle that I wrapped for a product display at The Japanese Paper Place: A sheer blue tissue with a blossom pattern peeks out from beneath a grid-patterned tissue wine bag. For a third layer, a band of silkscreened paper adds a bright floral pattern. With the different patterns, textures and transparencies, there’s a lot going on with this gift, yet it’s all unified.

Below you can see what the same white grid tissue looks like over yellow, pink and even stripes. All give a different effect.

When wrapping with tissues, try layering different colours, patterns and textures, working to achieve the effect that’s just right for the gift. There’s a whole world of tissues that I urge you to keep an eye out for and experiment with — they’ll add a whole new layer to your gift wrapping.

white grid tissue shown layered over various colours

Source: Floral silkscreened chiyogami paper, blue watermark tissue, and white grid wine bag and tissue, The Japanese Paper Pace.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen