How I Gift Wrapped a 76mm Sherman Tank Shell and an M2A1 Ammunition Box


76mm Shell and ammo box My husband is a very difficult man to buy gifts for (unless I’m willing to spend a kabillion dollars), so I was very proud of myself when I came up with the idea of getting him some vintage wartime paraphernalia for his most recent birthday. I found a 76mm Sherman tank shell at Smash and a M2A1 ammunition box from Style Garage (success!) — and then I had to figure out how to wrap the two oddly shaped items.

Happy Birthday Stencil

If you saw the blog on Thursday, you’ll have already seen the end result: a birthday message stencilled across butcher paper. Inspired by the army look, I wanted to create a utilitarian-style parcel that reflected its contents.

To start, the shell fit nicely inside the ammo box, which I packed with wood fill to keep the shell from moving about.

76mm Shell in ammo box

Next I layered several pieces of tissue over my sheet of stencilled butcher paper, then bundled it around the ammo box, securing the paper with masking tape. The layers of tissue helped soften the paper’s folds so it would follow the corners of the ammo box, which is awkwardly shaped because of it’s handle and closing latch.

After an unsuccessful attempt with jute twine (there wasn’t enough contrast between it and the paper), I finished off the gift by tying it with black yarn.

And that’s how I gift wrapped a 76mm Sherman tank shell and an M2A1 ammunition box.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen