Friday Find: Magnolia Wrapping Paper


Magnolia wrapping paper from Caskata Are you dying for winter to be over as much as I am? While there's still another whole month to go until spring, I'm already dreaming of when the magnolias start to bloom. On the next street over from me, there's a magnolia tree three stories high that takes up one home's entire front yard; I've heard rumours that the owners throw a party every year to celebrate the tree and the new season. The week or so that the tree is in bloom, I have my own ritual, taking many a detour so I can walk past it and enjoy the magnolias in their full glory. Until the early spring flowers bloom though, I'll have to settle for admiring this less-fragrant but just as enchanting wrapping paper. Magnolia wrapping paper (2 sheets per roll; correspondence card and gift tag also available), Caskata (find retailers here).