Military-Inspired Stencilled Birthday Paper


Happy Birthday Stencil My husband knows me well. One day he came home with a package of letter stencils for me. I think he picked them up from Staples or somewhere. The stencils are nothing fancy — your standard cardboard cut-out letters for making utilitarian signage. But they’re exactly the type of item I love to store away for making things.

And when it came time to wrap a present for my husband, naturally I pulled out the stencils.

What I made was a quick and easy military-inspired paper — a perfect complement to what was going inside the package. (You’ll have to check back on Monday to find out what it was. Yeah, I’m a tease.)

Stencil on Butcher Paper (in progress)

To make, first I cut the paper to size and roughly wrapped it around the gift to figure out placement of my stencilled message. Next, I lined up the letters to spell out  Happy Birthday. The stencil set comes with only one of each letter, so first I did “HAP” then “PY.” The slightly off-kilter alignment suited the look I was going for, but if you want your letters to line up straighter, use a ruler and pencil to mark out your placement. I then taped the letters in place with washi tape (which doesn’t tear up the paper if you remove it gently enough) and used a small ink pad to “paint” inside the stencil (place the ink pad face-down directly onto the paper).

Once dry, the paper was ready for wrapping!

Stencil on Butcher Paper

Curious to know what’s inside the package? Check back on Monday to find out!