5 Smart Ways to Organize Rolls of Wrapping Paper, As Found on Pinterest


Herringbone and polka-dot wrapping papers When you're obsessed with paper, it tends to pile up. Here are 5 ways to keep your rolls organized and prevent them from getting damaged:

  1. Two hooks and a wooden dowel make for easy and accessible storage of paper rolls. Here they're hung on the inside of a closet door. By Caroline Armelle Drake on Armelle.
  2. Cut a slit in a toilet paper roll and use as a cuff to keep wrapping paper from unrolling. Seriously, a genius idea. I've taken to doing this myself with all my paper rolls. By Joy Astle (sorry, link broken and original source not found).
  3. DIY wall-mounted wrapping paper rack made with curtain rods. By By Chanel Dror on Camille Styles.
  4. Rolled paper stored in plastic bag dispensers (Ikea's Variera dispenser, to be exact). On Gall-erry.
  5. Rolls suspended from a closet ceiling using hooks and wire. By Frank Farm on Flickr.

How do you keep your wrapping paper rolls organized? Let me know in the comments.



+ Photo by Corinna vanGerwen