Holiday Wrap-Up Pt. 1: Ballet in a Bag


Ballet tickets wrapped in handmade baggies As a Christmas gift last year, my sister bought tickets to the ballet for the ladies of the family, packaging them in a very inventive way. This year, she topped herself.

My aunt, mother and I each received a tiny cloth baggie — red with white polka dots, with a green ribbon drawstring — that my sister had sewn herself. Peeking from the top was a little tuft of tulle. As they were, the bags were sweet little packages, but my sister went a step further.

Ballet tickets wrapped in handmade baggies

When she handed us the bags, she instructed us to pull out the tulle first. As we did, a ribbon attached to the end of the tulle unfurled from each bag; on it, she had embroidered the name of the ballet. What fun, eh?! Inside the bag, there was also a little card with the date and time of the performance we were going to see. The bags will be a nice keepsake of what promises to be a great evening together.