Wrapping Leonard Cohen Concert Tickets


Leonard Cohen concert tickets Tonight, Leonard Cohen plays at the ACC in Toronto and my mom is going. That's because my sister and I bought her tickets for her birthday back in July. At the time, Ticketmaster hadn't mailed the tickets yet, so we didn't have anything to wrap. Instead, we made up our own tickets to represent the gift.

First, I designed some "tickets" with a picture of Cohen and all the pertinent details like location, date, time and seat numbers. (Wouldn't it be cool if all concert tickets were stylin' like this?) I put the tickets in a beautiful patterned envelope that I got at a warehouse sale at The Japanese Paper Place; the envelope has a subtle botanical pattern that this photo doesn't do justice to. To finish it off, I added a label (Martha Stewart brand) and a ribbon.

You should have seen my mom when she opened the present — so excited!