There Was a Pumpkin-Spice Loaf In This Bag...


fabric drawstring bag for home-baked loaves Last weekend my sister brought by a pumpkin-spice loaf, which I dug into and finished off (yum!) before I could snap a photo of how nicely she had packaged it. First she wrapped the homemade bread in wax paper, using light blue gingham washi tape to secure it closed, then she put the wrapped loaf into this gingham drawstring bag that she had sewn.

After making up a few drawstring bags at my request (I use them to keep shoes and dirty laundry separate from clean clothes when travelling), my sister realized how quick and easy they are to sew; she wanted an excuse to make more, so I suggested she package her baking in them. Besides liking to sew, she's also an avid baker and always looking for nice ways to package what she makes. She wants something nicer than a resealable bags, plastic wrap or tinfoil, but that's not too fancy. A fabric drawstring bag seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

It doesn't take long to sew up one of these bags (find the tutorial on the Purl Bee), and you can have a lot of fun combining fabric patterns and ribbon colours. (My sister used grosgrain ribbon for the drawstring of this bag.) The best part is that whoever you give your baked goods to will have a handy sack to use long after the treats have been devoured.

+ Photography by Corinna vanGerwen