Packaged Goods: Paper Bunny Parcel


Paper Bunny Parcel PUTTING IT TOGETHER This wrap combination is like vintage post office meets Parisian child, and every element is a treasure on its own. The Parcel Post label and Special Delivery ribbon — your "post office" elements — are both vintage, as is the spirograph-patterned gift wrap (remember making spirographs as a kid?). The red and navy cotton-linen ribbons are from France, and would look lovely wound around the box several times, along with the Special Delivery ribbon. The paper rabbit puppet — a whimsical gift topper — is by designer Furze Chan of Hong Kong. The colour palette: so French, oui?

THE GOODS (1) Vintage Dennison Parcel Post Label, $5.95 US per 14 labels (comes with 40 Air Mail labels and 3 Special Delivery labels), Swan and Shears. (2) Assemble-yourself paper rabbit puppet, $10 US, Ferse Verse. (3) Vintage Spiro Wrap from Berlin, £2.75 per sheet, Present & Correct. (4) Red and navy 3/8" cotton/linen tapes, Renaissance Ribbons, contact for retailers. (5) Special Delivery twill ribbon, $9.99 US for 10 yards, Swan and Shears.

+ Collage by Corinna vanGerwen. Images property of their respective owners