Japanese Koi Wrapping

Japanese Koi Wrapping You know those papers that you hold on to forever? You love them so much, you're hesitant to use them because then that would be it, you wouldn't have them anymore. That's how I feel about this koi paper from Cavallini. In fact, I think I may have bought it when I lived in Vancouver, which is almost 10 years ago. That's a long time to hold on to a piece of wrapping paper.

What you see on this gift is just one panel of a grid of various koi that make up the pattern of the paper. (I had cut off a strip of the sheet so I could fit it on display in my house.) It seemed only natural to pair the single panel with some Japanese paper from The Japanese Paper Place; the fibres and dark green-blue are reminiscent of water I think. I stayed with the Japanese inspiration by keeping the design minimal — the panel is attached to the top with double-sided tape with no additional decoration. Very Zen.