This Week on Pinterest


Reversed Junk-Mail Envelopes by EcoMonster Pinterest Logo+ Reversed junk-mail envelopes (above). By Eco_Monster on Flickr. This is one of those brilliant ideas I wish I had thought of myself. Cut open a junk-mail envelope, refold it so the security pattern shows on the outside, then tape back together with washi tape. It's not only eco smart, the results look pretty neat too. Would be a great way to package a gift of concert tickets.

+ Yeah! note card set. By Ship & Shape on Poppytalk. How fun would it be to wrap a present in the style of these enthusiastic note cards? Wrap your gift in a plain paper, then stencil, paint or write a fun message across the top in big, colourful letters.

+ White box with a blush band and string. By Fanciful Designs. This is how Fanciful Designs packages it's stunning Petal Pink Drusy Ring of crystals (I want!).