Packaged Goods: A Patterned Duo for Dad


Packaged Goods: Father's Day PUTTING IT TOGETHER You never want anything too frilly for Dad, which is why I thought wrapping a present in two papers would be a nice way to do something special for a Father's Day gift without getting too flashy. Diagonal navy stripes on half the gift, with a white-and-brown baubles pattern on the other half makes the package interesting even without ribbon or a topper. (Click here for instructions on how to wrap with two papers.) Instead of a card, I like this label, which was inspired by the security patterns inside of envelopes.

THE GOODS (1) Stripes gift wrap, $4 US per sheet, Fig. 2 Design Studio. (2) Baubles wrap in Peat, $8 US per 2 sheets, Pikku. (3) Security-pattern label, £4.50 per pack of 8 (4 designs), Present & Correct.


+ Collage by Corinna vanGerwen. Images property of their respective companies