Gift Bag Makeover


Gift Bag Makeover, before If there's one thing I'm not fond of, it's those lame, limp handles on gift bags. Sometimes they're made out of nylon cord, sometimes ribbon — but they rarely look good. They just flop there, uninspired. But there is one way to fix those eyesores. Get rid of them.

Gift Bag Makeover, remove handles

Most of these types of handles will come off pretty easily; just slide the ends through the holes (you may have to untie or cut off knots first). You should be left with two holes at the top of each side of the bag.

Gift Bag Makeover, After

Next, replace the handles with your own ribbon. After wrapping the gift in tissue and placing it inside the bag, thread ribbon through the holes so both ends hang at the front of the bag. (You may need to use a large yarn needle to get the ribbon through smaller holes.) Straighten the ribbon so it lies flat against the back of the bag, then tie in a bow on the front. The result is a thousand times prettier than those second-rate handles.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen