7 Green Gift Wrapping Ideas


Present topped with thistle posy from Coriander Girl In honour of Earth Day coming up this weekend (Apr. 22), here are seven eco-friendly gift-wrapping solutions.

  1. Give old newspapers a second life as gift wrap. To add extra flair, decorate with a pattern, using a rubber stamp and ink pad, or halved vegetables and craft paint.
  2. Instead of paper, use a dishcloth, pocket square or other fabric to wrap around the gift.
  3. Place your gift in a decorative box or tin that can be reused over and over again.
  4. Run magazine pages or used wrapping paper through the shredder for a colourful cushioning to fill boxes and keep gifts secure.
  5. Turn fabric scraps into ribbon. Use the selvedge, or cut the width you’d like and fray or sew the edges. Sew two or more lengths of fabric together to make longer ribbons.
  6. Cut up old greetings cards to make gift tags. Use scissors to cut out an image from the front of the card, or try a large, shaped punch, like a heart or circle. Write your message on the back.
  7. Decorate gifts with biodegradable decorations, such as flowers, greenery and other botanical treats like acorns.