Packaged Goods: Romantic Silver & Silk with Blossoms


Romantic Silver and Silk with blossoms PUTTING IT TOGETHER This wrapping concept started with an elegant yet humble wrap: a neutral Nepalese Lokta paper elevated by its subtle silver brush strokes. I think layers of silk ribbons in pink and ombré grey, tied in loose bows, would be very luxe. Next, I would create the effect of floating flowers by stringing faux cherry blossoms onto a silver cord, then tying it around the gift. (Faux blossoms are available at florist suppliers, craft stores and dollar stores. Remove the flowers from the branches and thread onto the cord.) The final touch: a porcelain magnolia blossom as a topper, secured to the centre of the silk bows.

THE GOODS (1) Brush Stroke Silver On Natural Fine Paper, $5.95 US per sheet, Paper Source. (2) Richly hand-dyed silk ribbon (1") in Pearl Grey, $68 US per 40 yards, BHLDN. (3) Handspun silk ribbon (7 mm) in Blush Pink, $18 US per 10 yards, BHLDN. (4) Porcelain magnolia bloom with copper wire fastener, $10 US, BHLDN. (5) Metallic silver craft cord (2 mm), $2.19 per 15 yards, Factory Direct Craft Supply. (6) Cherry blossom silk flowers, £1.79, Decoflora.