My Christmas, 2011


Corinna's Christmas Tree I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I thought I'd take a moment to share some of the gift wrapping highlights from my holiday.

Gift wrapped in Tyvek

Every year I always look forward to seeing the innovative ways in which my father will wrap his gifts. I don't think he's ever used wrapping paper; his standby is kraft paper and toxic-smelling permanent marker, and he's been known to use green painter's tape, office labels, and veneer strips of fancy woods.

This year his paper of choice was Tyvek, a fibreglass paper most commonly used as a water barrier in house construction. (He told me to just tear the paper when I went to open my first gift from him. You can't tear Tyvek; you have to cut it.) For tags he used pieces of leather, and toppers were a dried turkey tail bracket fungus. That's my dad for you.

Sticker bits as tape

My mother wins the prize this year for best "uh-oh I ran out" use of materials: for tape on one present she used the little leftover sticky bits from around stickers.

My husband, while he grumbles a lot about the chore of wrapping, always chooses a nice paper for me, even if the corners are a little less than perfect. The highlight of his gifts are the tags, which are often addressed as being gifts from our cats, which makes me laugh because I just picture my cats running about in the throngs of holiday shoppers and jumping up onto store counters to pay for their purchases. (Sorry, no pictures to share.)

Felt Circle gift topper

Felt Flags gift topper

My sister does a wonderful job, always coming up with some fun way to dress up her gifts. This year it was felt garlands of flags and circles.

Corinna's Lazy Gift wrapping

And, lest you think that all my gifts are expertly wrapped to perfection, I thought I'd show you some of my lazy wrapping. Just because I like wrapping, doesn't mean I get my Christmas shopping done early. And that leaves me to wrap gifts on Christmas Eve. Even I wrap pretty badly at 2 a.m. the night before Christmas.

Above is a gift that I left wrapped in the paper the store bundled it in to protect the item. I just added string and a tag.

Below you can see I couldn't even be bothered with a tag, and just wrote the name in marker right across the paper.

Corinna's Lazy Wrapping