How to Make Your Own Shipping Tags


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Love the look of manila shipping tags but wish they came in more colours? Make your own! Using cardstock in the colour and pattern of your choice, you can create customized shipping tags to suit any wrapping palette.

DIY Coloured Shipping Tags

First, cut cardstock into a rectangle; I made mine 1½” by 3”. Then snip off two corners at one short end of the rectangle, roughly at a 45-degree angle. (Measure and mark with a pencil first if you want to be exact.) Finally, punch a hole in the centre between the two cut corners and add a self-adhesive reinforcement (found at office-supply stores).

While you can use any cardstock you’d like, including scrapbooking pages, keep in mind that you need to be able to write on the tag. Patterns and even textured papers are options, but first test out whether your marker or pen will show up on them.